Artotel Sanur - Bali Holds Another Solo Art Exhibition Titled 'Manis Manis'

SANUR, Bali (BPN) – ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali once again collaborates with young Balinese artist Dayu Sartika in a solo exhibition titled ‘Manis Manis’. The exhibition, which opens from August 31 until November 14, 2023, at ARTSPACE ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali, will present 12 artworks.

Dayu Sartika, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, found her passion through art and made art her refuge from pain.

A graduate of the Fine Arts Education Study Program at Ganesha University of Education, she ventured to depict herself in mid-2020 inspired by Frida Kahlo -“I’m my muse. I’m the subject I know best. I want to know the subject better”.

Through her works, she seeks harmony and self-discovery, unraveling the mystery of her body. Her art, a paean to her power, invites people to reflect on their relationship with their bodies and the world.

In this exhibition, Dayu wants to show how she embodies herself as her nemesis. Instead of depicting them in creepy forms, she presents them as cute and tantalizing like cakes and sweets.

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“In reality, I can’t eat sweets anymore because I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer since 2015, but in this series of works, it’s not just about illness, but life’s enemies at large. High expectations, emotions that cannot be controlled,” said Dayu Sartika during the opening of the exhibition.

Dayu likens her mind to a playground, where she anchors all the wildness of her thoughts that are accommodated in her work, transforming all the emotions and feelings that overflow into shapes and colors so that she feels calm.

Gustra Adnyana as the curator explained, Dayu Sartika indirectly gives a warm influence to the viewers of her work, and how art can also heal us.

Agus Ade Surya Wirawan, General Manager of ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali said, “This art exhibition features different works from previous artists exhibited at ARTOTEL Sanur. This encourages us to continue supporting emerging artists in Bali. Dayu Sartika brings a new color to the list of names that have exhibited at ARTSPACE, our art space.”

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