ORIGEN, traditional Mexican restaurant in Pererenan, Bali.

MANGUPURA, Bali (BPN) – Alvaro Rosales Machado (previously Mexicola) and Casandra Escamilla Frutos open a new traditional Mexican restaurant ORIGEN in Pererenan, Bali, transporting guests to the heart of ancient Mesoamerica.

Raised in the bustling markets and seaside charm of Veracruz in Mexico, Executive Chef Alejandro Urbina Andrade (previously Michelin star Maison Couturier in Veracruz) learned the art of cooking from his family, inheriting generations-old recipes and techniques.

Working closely with local Balinese producers, growers and fishermen, has created a menu full of authentic Mexican cuisine. You’ll find the best Street Food, slow-cooked nostalgic recipes from Grandma’s Kitchen, and simple yet classic Tacos.

Guests are greeted with Salsa Fresca and home-made corn chips on arrival. The excellent dining includes Mole Madre, Pescado Veracruz, Ceviche Mexicano Cochinita Pibil,Tacos Pastor, Tacos Lechon Tampiquena, and Papa Asada.

ORIGEN, traditional Mexican restaurant in Pererenan, Bali.

The cocktail program includes a mini Margarita menu with varied versions of the OG, and a dedicated Spicy Margarita menu inspired by the popular Pica Pica with habanero and jalapeno. Other favourite tipples are Paloma, Oaxaca Linda, and Michelada.

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The largest range of Mezcal varieties found in Bali is also available, showcasing 10 different agave species. Guests are invited to work their way through the offering from sweet to savoury, while delving into the rich history of mezcal and learning about the traditional way it was enjoyed by our ancestors – green grapes for palate cleaners and mezcal kisses (not shots).

Alvaro and Cassandra chose Bali to open their Mexican restaurant due to all the similarities connecting the cultures, ocean and land. Bali is unique in its accessibility to fresh seafood direct from the source by the producer (as you find in Mexico) and ORIGEN would like to draw a connection to this.

In Bali, Chef Alejandro also has access to locally grown traditional Mexican produce such as beans, pumpkin, vanilla, the first batch of Mexican chillies in Bali (jalapeno and habanero), and Mexican corn that ORIGEN turn into flour and blend with secret ingredients for gluten-free hand-made tacos, tostadas and corn chips.

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Stepping inside ORIGEN is like being transported to the heart of colonial Mexico. From the serene Jardin, watch the world of Pererenan pass by or ascend to the Patio, and bask in the tropical breeze. Inside the Sala, the heart of ORIGEN, guests are greeted with the aroma of freshly made corn tortillas.

Warm interiors, complete with exposed brick walls and traditional furnishings add romance to the venue, while an open kitchen with grand archway invites diners to witness the magic firsthand.

The counter is lined with large terracotta bowls brimming with vibrant coloured corn for cooking (a symbol of sustenance, fertility, and heritage in Mexico), and food is served on decorated Mexican clay plates.

Meanwhile, bright orange marigolds adorn the room, serving as offerings in both Mexican and Balinese traditions.

The staff don traditional Mexican attire and are equipped with essential Spanish phrases to warmly greet guests at their tables. ORIGEN serves as a sanctuary reminiscent of colonial Mexico, where flavours, and hospitality intertwine, embracing the cultures of both Mexican and Balinese.

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Upstairs, the Mezcal Bar (seating 60), set to open in June, promises an exciting nightlife scene with a dance floor featuring a mosaic of dragons and Mexican gods, offering mezcal and dancing until late.

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