IFC Denpasar Holds Gathering with Fashion Enthusiasts in Bali

GIANYAR, Bali (BPN) – The Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) Chapter Denpasar, Bali, held a gathering followed by fashion designers, textile companies, and students majoring in fashion, on Wednesday (April 17, 2024) in Gianyar.

According to Dwi Iskandar, Advisor of IFC Denpasar, the gathering aimed to raise awareness of IFC’s existence, not limited to designers, fashion communities, and stakeholders in Bali.

“We have to move forward and develop together. Thus, the organisation with its events is very important to create networking and connect all stakeholders,” said Dwi Iskandar.

The goal, Dwi continued, is to make Indonesia one of the world’s fashion centers by 2025, that’s why IFC needs to invite young designers to collaborate.

So that in the future young designers will emerge who should be reckoned with in Indonesia and even penetrate the world market.

Meanwhile, Neli Gunawan, Chair of IFC Denpasar, said that fashion design is currently a promising profession, especially with the high demand for clothing designs.

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“There are many talented and potential young designers in Indonesia. There are always opportunities and market share every year,” said Neli Gunawan.

The gathering also discussed the latest and upcoming trends in the fashion industry. In addition, it also discussed the challenges faced by local designers at the time, one of them is the ongoing war in the Middle East. This will at least impact all sectors including the fashion industry.

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