Enijoe's Endek Cheongsam Dress for Chinese New Year 2024

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – The 2024 Chinese New Year soon will be celebrated and bring happiness to everybody all over the world, likewise in Indonesia. Like the happiness of the Indonesian famous designer, Enijoe who always loves to adopt Indonesian culture in her masterpiece.

Two years ago, at the Chinese New Year celebration, she was successful in combining the Chinese and Indonesian cultures by processing Batik Tulis (hand-drawn batik) into a stylish and magnificent Cheongsam fashion design.

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For the 2024 Chinese New Year celebration, Enijoe introduces Endek, the Balinese traditional woven textile.

“This Chinese New Year, we want to introduce Endek which has Balinese cultural richness to be more popular in the world. Bali has been the world’s main destination, but still many people don’t know better about the beauty of Balinese Endek,” she said.

Endek comes from the word gendekan or ngendek, which means silent or fixed, or not changing colour.

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She explained that the use of Endek to design luxurious cheongsam dresses shows the “versatility” of Bali’s rich culture. Endek can be adapted for various types of clothing designs without limits.

“Usually, cheongsam uses plain fabric and then embroidered, but I have an idea, why don’t we use Indonesian authentic cloth? We combine the Indonesian cloth from various regions with the Chinese culture,” she said.

She hopes that this could help to preserve Indonesian culture as well as the existence of Indonesian artists and fabric craftsmen.

“I see how they (old craftsmen) produce the cloth by hand. Younger generations are less interested in traditional methods, by handmade, maybe because they think that way doesn’t make big money. That’s why I designed this (dress) because this cloth is worth selling,” she said.

One of Enijoe’s friends Nova Hasan, an entrepreneur, has admitted that she is very impressed with Eni Joe’s cheongsam-themed fashion design to celebrate the 2024 Chinese New Year.

“I think it is very elegant, this is the masterpiece of the Indonesian artist and it must be appreciated,” she said.


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