Eni Joe

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Eni Joe, a well-known Indonesian designer, continues to take steps to promote her commitment to love for Indonesian culture.

She often supports several national and international events that promote the beauty of Indonesian culture. Eni Joe said that this needs to be done by many parties so that the love for the country can be more widespread.

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 “I am always committed to promoting Indonesian culture in various ways, one of which is by participating in preserving and supporting the development of Indonesian traditional fabrics (wastra) both nationally and internationally,” said Eni Joe on Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

Eni Joe said that many events were memorable in her journey to promote Indonesian culture. One of them was the launching of the Lavani Borobudur Series jewelry at the Mulia Hotel in late August 2023.

At that time, Eni Joe and Amero Jewelry held a Gala Dinner at the Mulia Hotel featuring Pekalongan Batik, which was designed into very luxurious dresses.

“Amero Jewelry launched new jewelry from Lavani called the Borobudur series, and then we collaborated. At that time, Amero held a fashion show using batik tulis from Pekalongan. I introduced Pekalongan batik tulis which I designed into luxurious dresses, of course, to introduce to the world that Pekalongan batik is very beautiful and luxurious,” she explained.

She added that at the event, the models wore Amero and Lavani jewelry at the Mulia Hotel, which was a very stunning event for the guests.

On that occasion, Eni Joe held a gala dinner attended by distributors or jewelry stores in Indonesia that sell Lavani jewelry.

Eni Joe continued by saying that it is important for the younger generation to have the same love for the country’s culture.

She said that the younger generation needs to be educated about the importance of preserving the heritage of our ancestors. Considering that many of them study abroad. Meanwhile, they also sometimes do not get enough knowledge about our nation.

“So it is our responsibility as parents to be able to continue to introduce how beautiful the heritage of our ancestors is. As a designer, I can only help in the fashion world, namely by introducing the richness of colors, embroidery, weaving, batik, and everything related to the fashion industry. I will continue to try to preserve it in all ways in the fashion industry,” she said.

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