Indonesian Lawyer Files Police Report against the Red Notice Dato Sri Shaheen

JAKARTA (BPN) – Dato Sri Mohammed Shaheen Shah, a Malaysian who is on the Indonesian Police Most Wanted and Red Notice List for an embezzlement case in Bali, is being reported by his former Lawyer Noverizky Tri Putra to the Malaysian Police.

The criminal act that is allegedly committed is the legal service fee that has not been fully paid by Shaheen to Noverizky based on the Letter of Engagement dated 6 January 2023, including the addendum or additional agreement.

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Prior to Noverizky’s police report in Malaysia, Shaheen also had submitted a police report against Noverizky in Malaysia with report number Damansara/094758/23.

Noverizky indicated Shaheen’s report as false and decided to counter the report to the Police of Balai Ampang, Malaysia, for the allegation of fraud and false report with report number Damansara/013809/23 and Damansara/013808/23.

“I reported Shaheen to the Police of Malaysia on 13 October 2023. Shaheen has allegedly conducted a fraud action against me, based on the legal fact we had that he has still a responsibility to pay out the legal service that I have professionally given to him based on the Letter of Engagement,” said Noverizky at his law office AM Oktarina Counsellors at Law, Kemang, South Jakarta.

Noverizky added, that Shaheen never fulfilled his responsibility to pay out of the fee as agreed earlier. Currently, Shaheen has revoked the power of attorney and replaced him with another Law Office.

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Noverizky explained that the allegation of false report is because Shaheen in his report in Malaysia accused Noverizky shakes him down for money amounting to IDR 6.4 billion.

“It is not true, because the money he mentioned is used for a legal service fee that Shaheen has agreed and signed in the letter of engagement,” said Noverizky.

Noverizky also filed a police report against Shaheen to the South Jakarta Police Resort in the allegation of fraud amounting to IDR 2.5 Billion, involving a woman who is also a social media influencer in Indonesia Rea Nurul Rizkia Wiradinata.

“Rea lends some money to me with a loan agreement, whereas it is committed by Rea based on Shaheen’s longing and instruction. Therefore, I shortly reported Rea to the Jakarta Metropolitan Police (Polda Metro Jaya) and recently being handled by the Police Investigator of South Jakarta Police Resort,” he said.

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