Mosto's Latest Innovation in Drinking Culture

MANGUPURA, Bali (BPN) – If you’ve ever had the chance to step inside the local neo bistro, you’ll know there’s a lot happening at both the bar and the kitchen. 

Therefore, on Friday, 10 May, Beverage Director Denny Bakiev presents his latest innovation around drinking culture, promising a new and interesting experience.

“We are mimicking wine by alcohol content, presence and acidity and building flavors using local ingredients. All new cocktails are served in wine glasses with no fancy garnishes to give all the emphasis to aromas and taste,” said Denny Bakiev, Beverage Director. 

The brand new section on the cocktail menu is inspired by wine and its complexity. 

White, Orange, Rose, Red, and NOT Cider feature unique flavors crafted with spirits and local ingredients using various modern techniques. 

All options will be available at the bar by the glass or can be taken to the table in a bottle for a really good time.

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Denny Bakiev in his career has won multiple international flair bartending competitions and has traveled more than 40 countries around the world competing in bartending championships, teaching master classes and performing in trade shows. 

In 2012 Denny got 3rd place in the WFA Grand Slam (World Flair Association).

Throughout his career his focus was always on balance between the art of entertainment, hospitality and mixology.

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