Chiken satay at Sate Khas Senayan.

JAKARTA (BPN/PR) – Sarirasa Group celebrates its 50th anniversary in preserving Indonesian heritage. Since its inception, Sarirasa Group has been propelled by an unwavering commitment to celebrating Indonesia’s cultural diversity and safeguarding the natural splendor of the archipelago.

Built upon the foundational pillars of Preservation, Elevation, and Promotion, Sarirasa Group has served as a shining beacon of Indonesia’s cultural wealth, embracing the abundance of te country’s land and sea while fostering growth and innovation.

According to Maria Fransisca, Assistant Marketing Communications Manager Sarirasa Group, in the vibrant spirit of Ibu Pertiwi, the revered Mother Earth of Indonesia, Sarirasa Group also unveils Sarirasa Sanubari.

“More than just a collection of restaurant brands, Sarirasa Sanubari embodies the very soul of Indonesia’s cultural richness. Like a nurturing mother, Sarirasa embraces a diverse family of culinary experiences, each intricately woven with the vibrant threads of Indonesian identity,” she said.

Just as children inherit the timeless wisdom and warmth of their mother, each brand under the Sarirasa umbrella bears the indelible mark of Sarirasa Sanubari.

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“From traditional flavours to modern interpretations, Sarirasa Sanubari celebrates the kaleidoscope of Indonesia’s culinary landscape, inviting diners on a journey of discovery and delight,” Maria explained.

Maria revealed at the heart of Sarirasa Group lies a dedication to celebrating the essence of Indonesia through its restaurant brands, each a vibrant tapestry woven with flavours, traditions, and stories.

In addition to Sarirasa Sanubari, Maria invited visitors to take a journey to explore some culinary gems that define the very soul of Indonesia at Senayan Group, TeSaTe and TeKoTe, Gopek House, Sarirasa Catering, and Foodiesia.

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