Artotel Sanur - Bali Holds Solo Art Exhibition Entitled 'Mata Mata'

SANUR, Bali (BPN) – ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali once again held a solo Art Exhibition in collaboration with Balinese artist, Mario Andi Supria. This exhibition is titled ‘Mata Mata’. The exhibition opened on April 29, 2024, at ARTSPACE ARTOTEL Sanur and is open to the public until June 26, 2024.

Born in 1981 in Bali, Indonesia, Mario began his professional journey in photography in 2006, which lasted until 2020. Mario’s journey into painting began in his childhood, inspired by his father, a painter who instilled in him a deep sense of beauty.

As an artist, Mario uses his photographic insights to weave fragmented visual elements into cohesive expressions that deconstruct and reconstruct reality.

The eyes, the leitmotif in his work, serve as both subject and storyteller, encapsulating emotions ranging from seduction to melancholy, happiness to introspection.

After retirement, Mario embraced his longstanding passion for painting, developing a contemporary style that integrates elements of doodling, abstract, and cubism art.

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Transitioning to painting without any formal art education and achieving such depth in just three years is a testament to Mario’s dedication and innate talent.

In the beginning, his art was a personal solace, using monochrome sketches. His evolution into larger canvases introduced a vibrant palette influenced by the energetic rhythms of dangdut music that echoed in his studio.

The music influences the emotional colors of each work, ranging from fiery reds and serene blues to passionate oranges and enigmatic purples, creating a rich sensory experience for the viewer.

This exhibition is more than just an exhibition. It reveals the power of art to bridge the visual with the visceral. Mario Andi Supria, known for his brilliant career as a professional photographer, ventured into the world of cubism art and abstract painting.

His art involves dynamic geometric shapes bathed in a spectrum of vibrant colors, where abstraction of form and clarity of eye merge to evoke deep emotional resonance.

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Agus Ade Surya Wirawan, General Manager of ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali said “It is our commitment to continue supporting local artists in the country, especially local Balinese artists by facilitating their art exhibitions at ARTSPACE, ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali which are held every two to three months. We are also very honored and proud to be able to work together with Mario Andi Supria and organize an art event that can be enjoyed by all Indonesian contemporary art lovers in Bali especially guests of ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali.

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