LUNA Beer Garden at LUNA Beach Club.

TABANAN, Bali (BPN) – Nestled atop a cliff at LUNA Beach Club, the new beer garden introduces a blend of rustic smokehouse cuisine, innovative cocktails, and a fantastic selection of beers in a relaxed, family-friendly setting.

A new destination for dining enthusiasts and beer lovers alike, LUNA Beer Garden has officially opened its doors at the immersive LUNA Beach Club in Tabanan, Bali.

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Featuring breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean coupled with a one-of-a-kind culinary experience, this hidden gem stands out as the island’s only cliff-top beer garden and smokehouse, where earthy vibes, a relaxed ambiance, and soulful melodies flow together with aromatic whispers of underground cookery and wood fired ovens.

The visionary behind this unique concept, James Ephraim (Owner/Director) in collaboration with Inspiral Architects, has crafted a family-friendly space that marries rustic charm with modern design.

LUNA Beer Garden provides guests with a laid-back atmosphere where they can savor wholesome dishes influenced by American and Latin cooking while soaking in the mesmerizing sunsets.

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“LUNA Beer Garden is more than just a dining venue; it’s a place where food, culture, music, nature, and good times converge. We are excited to bring our guests an immersive cliff-top experience where they can enjoy traditional earth oven and smokehouse cooking with a contemporary twist,” said James Ephraim.

The beer garden’s culinary experience is inspired by smokehouse cooking techniques and the traditional earth oven, a simple yet ancient cooking structure dating back to 29,000 BC, revered by cultures across New Zealand, Latin America, and the South Pacific.

These time-honored methods impart unique earthy and smokey flavors to each dish, enhancing favorites like smoked herb and garlic rotisserie chicken, BBQ and bourbon pork ribs, and smoked Black Angus beef, all paired with flavorful sauces and salsas.

LUNA Beer Garden also presents a rich array of comfort dishes catering to diverse tastes. Starters include classics such as chicken wings, jalapeno poppers, and empanadas.

The menu expands to include wood-fired pizzas, an assortment of grilled seafood, hotdogs, sliders, and a variety of both smoked and grilled meats. Side dishes are equally tempting, featuring Cajun coleslaw, French fries, and fresh salads.

For dessert, guests can delight in chocolate orange jars and Spanish churros. These culinary offerings are perfectly paired with an extensive selection of beverages including homemade sodas, regionally inspired cocktails, and a broad array of tasty beers, ensuring a refreshing complement to every occasion.

Open every day from 12 PM and with a variety of daily promotions the venue is perfect for all occasions, from a leisurely lunch to a vibrant brunch or a relaxed dinner.

Enhancing the overall ambiance, live music will grace the venue every weekend from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, promising guests an enchanting evening of delicious food, soulful melodies, and good company.

LUNA Beer Garden is committed to creating fun dining experiences, making it a must-visit for both locals and tourists in Bali.

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