Growell Grocer & Bistro

MANGUPURA, Bali (BPN) – After establishing itself as the pioneering force of healthy living in Jakarta, Growell Grocer & Bistro now sets it sights on the enchanting island of Bali, bringing its transformative supermarket experience to a new audience. 

With a legacy built on promoting wellness and sustainability, Growell Grocer & Bistro’s expansion into Bali promises to further enrich the island’s vibrant culture of health-conscious living.

Located at Jl. Batu Belig No.9n, Kuta, the new store embodies Growell Grocer & Bistro’s commitment to providing access to high-quality, locally sourced produce, organic delights, and globally inspired health foods. 

This expansion marks a significant milestone in Growell Grocer & Bistro’s journey, as it continues to inspire individuals across Indonesia to embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes health, sustainability, and holistic well-being. 

Growell Grocer & Bistro was born from the shared passion and personal journey of three individuals: Olivia, Wilyana and Rosalinda. 

Bonded by their experiences in navigating in family allergies and personal health, they recognized a glaring gap in the market for accessible, high-quality health foods in Indonesia. 

Determined to not only address their own dietary needs but also provide a solution for countless others seeking wholesome alternatives, they embarked on a mission to create a supermarket that would redefine the concept of healthy living in Indonesia. 

Driven by the belief that true health starts from within and inspired by their families’ journeys towards wellness, the three pooled their resources, knowledge, and unwavering dedication to launch Growell Grocer. 

Recognizing the detrimental impact of processed foods on both individual health and the environment, Growell Grocer & Bistro is committed to sourcing only the finest, most wholesome ingredients from trusted local and global suppliers. 

Every item lining its aisles undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality, freshness, taste, and nutritional value. 

By offering a thoughtfully curated selection of guilt-free products, Growell Grocer & Bistro empowers its customers to shop with peace of mind, knowing that every purchase contributes to their journey towards vitality and well-being. 

In a world where convenience often comes at the cost of health, Growell Grocer & Bistro remains unwavering in its mission to make wholesome living accessible and effortless for all who seek it.

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