Eni Joe at the KPPB's Anniversary

JAKARTA (BPN/PR) – The Caring and Sharing Women’s Community Foundation (KPPB) celebrated its first anniversary with great enthusiasm at Aloha Beach, Jakarta, last Friday (March 8). 

The event, filled with joy, was a momentum to appreciate the extraordinary journey over the past year, filled with various inspiring activities.

With the echoing theme “Berkilau Bersama dalam Karya” (Spark Together in Work), KPPB friends enlivened the event with genuine joy. 

The excitement began with a cheerful dance performed by Belantara Budaya Indonesia, one of the KPPB groups. Not to forget, awards were given to six KPPB friends who have faithfully supported and participated in every activity for the past year.

This event also became a stage for the capital city’s famous designer, Eni Joe, who showcased her work in a stunning fashion show. The peak moment ended with dinner together while enjoying music and singing together.

In this event, Eni Joe displayed Balinese endek woven fabric. Eni Joe conveyed her commitment to echoing the love of the country’s culture on that occasion through her works. 

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She said that such efforts are significant in broadening the sense of love for the country among the people.

“I am always committed to promoting Indonesian culture in various ways, one of which is by participating in preserving and supporting the development of Indonesian wastra nationally and internationally,” said Eni Joe.

In celebrating KPPB’s first anniversary, Eni Joe also participated by supporting and enlivening the event through designs using Nusantara fabric from Bali, namely Endek Bali. 

The design was adjusted to the event’s theme and produced at the event location, namely at Aloha Pantai Indah Kapuk.

Eni Joe’s design focuses on creating a resort atmosphere, which is presented using various colors of Balinese Endek fabric. This design shows the designer’s support for the KPPB event and the enthusiasm to enliven the event.

“So, my design at the resort is more emphasized. The colors of the endek fabric that I use with various colours, besides being one of the designers at the event, also enlivened it, and I also support the KPPB event,” she explained.

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With the presence of Eni Joe and her contribution to the celebration of KPPB’s first anniversary, the event was not only a moment to celebrate the extraordinary achievements but also a tangible manifestation of the commitment to promote and preserve Indonesian culture, especially in batik design. 

With her passion, Eni Joe has inspired other designers and the wider community to love and support the country’s cultural heritage.

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