New look of SMIRNOFF.
Image source: Diageo.

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – SMIRNOFF launches a global campaign for its new and fresh packaging that reveals a remarkable history from its simple discovery in Russia in 1864 to being resurrected in France and making its way across Europe until it became the forefront of the cocktail revolution in the 1950s in Hollywood and became the world’s number one vodka enjoyed in more than 130 countries. Recently, SMIRNOFF also introduced its new packaging in Indonesia which was held in Bali, at the Double Six Hotel, Seminyak, Kuta, on Thursday.

Astrida Pohan, SMIRNOFF Indonesia’s Brand Manager revealed, SMIRNOFF is proud to introduce its new packaging that provides a balance between the classics and history of SMIRNOFF with a fun contemporary touch.

“This new packaging tells the extraordinary story and tradition from SMIRNOFF’s journey to becoming the world’s number one vodka brand. The bold visuals and the return of the iconic SMIRNOFF shield in the new packaging ensure the SMIRNOFF stands out behind the bar,” Astrida Pohan said on Thursday.

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The celebration of the new SMIRNOFF packaging in Bali cannot be separated from the spirit to celebrate SMIRNOFF’s history. At the event, consumers are taken to a time tunnel and explore the history of SMIRNOFF from Russia to Indonesia.

With more than 155 years of journey, SMIRNOFF has experienced several events that are worthy of being recorded in history. Starting from its discovery in 1864 in Moscow by Piotr Smirnov and became a pioneer in making quality vodka through charcoal filtration with 10 times filtered and triple distilled, SMIRNOFF became one of the most famous vodkas in Russia at the time.

The journey continued in 1886 when Piotr and his son moved to France and sold this vodka under the name ‘SMIRNOFF’. In 1933, SMIRNOFF arrived in the United State and led the cocktail culture in Hollywood in the 1950s by popularizing Moscow Mule cocktail replacing Gin and Martini. In 1990, SMIRNOFF revolutionized party culture in America with its legendary cocktail, Bloody Mary and Screwdrivers.

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“SMIRNOFF has been named the world’s number one vodka. However, the revolutionary history of SMIRNOFF will remain and be celebrated in a new, contemporary and cool packaging,” Astrida added.

The new SMIRNOFF packaging ensures that the recipe and quality of SMIRNOFF that has been preserved for 155 years have remained the same: triple distilled, 10 times filtered and perfect for cocktails or neat. SMIRNOFF also continues to encourage its commitment to campaign for drinking responsibly to consumers aged 21 years and above.


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