Students followed the Smashed Project at SMP 3 Denpasar held on Tuesday.
Students followed the Smashed Project at SMP 3 Denpasar held on Tuesday.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Smashed Project has started its creative-educative program for three days at SMPN (junior high School) 3 Denpasar, Bali starting on Tuesday, August 20. This program will help students of 12 to15 years old in developing life skills in dealing with youth issues such as bullying, hoax news, and the dangers of alcoholic drinks for underage.

The Smashed Project is held by the Collingwood educational institution from the UK in collaboration with the Dapoer Fairy Tale Noesantara. This program has been started in Bali from August 5 until the beginning of September 2019 and will reach more than 6,000 students in several junior high schools in Denpasar City and Tabanan Regency.

According to the Program Producer-Curator of the Smashed Project, Yudhi Soerjoatmodjo, the Smashed Project departs from the background of adolescent problems facing various challenges and demands to have increasingly serious responsibilities related to his attitude and life choices.

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“Therefore, the Smashed Project is here to provide several practical life skills to resolve the various confusions, anxieties and conflicts faced so that adolescents can continue to grow into healthy and physically born adults,” Yudhi said during the event on Tuesday.

Yudhi explained, the Smashed Project is held in collaboration with the school and is expected to be able to complement the character education provided by the school. The implementation of the Smashed Project in Bali is an effort to continue the successful implementation in 2017-2018.

The program showed positive changes in 5,860 grade 7 and grade 8 students in 20 junior high schools in Jabodetabek (Greater Jakarta area).

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Based on the results of the pre- and post-activity survey of students, significant changes in knowledge and attitudes occurred such as, 66 percent of students increasingly understood the dangers of bullying (increase 26 percent compared to before training); 77 percent knew better where to ask questions when facing problems, including to teachers (increase 28 percent); and student knowledge related to legal age of above 21 years old in drinking alcohol based on government regulations, increased by 50 percent.

In delivering its message, the Smashed Project uses an interactive and fun method through theater performances as well as dialogues and poster workshops.

According to Yudhi, theater performances are used to provide learning experiences through strong stories and moving students’ emotions.

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Students will be taken to narrative stories that will challenge them to rethink the decisions made by the characters including the consequences.

After watching the theater performances, workshops is provided as a transition from didactic learning patterns to more interactive engagement.

Guided by a team of child development experts from the Psychology Program of Udayana University, students who take part in the program can identify relevant learning outcomes for themselves, namely the skills and information needed to make a wise choice and achieve goals.

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Yudhi said that this is the first time the Smashed Project took place in Denpasar City and Tabanan Regency, considering the development of tourism in Bali that allowed teens to expose and adapt the culture brought by domestic and foreign tourists. This cultural adaptation process needs proper attention and assistance.

“Collingwood and Dapoer Dongeng Noesantara are very eager to help and assist youth in Bali to face challenges and responsibilities as a form of maturity. The Smashed Project in Bali is hoped can duplicate the successes that have been achieved in the previous implementation in junior high schools in Jakarta and surrounding areas and provide the same benefits. Let’s get smart, don’t get smashed!” Yudhi concluded.



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