Deva Harris to represent Indonesia at 2019World Mermaid Championship.
Deva Harris to represent Indonesia at 2019World Mermaid Championship.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – For the first time Indonesia will join the World Mermaid Championship which annually held in China. At this year’s event, the country will be represented by two dancers and one of them is a dancer from Bali named Deva Harris.

As a dancer and certified freediver, Deva Harris will represent Indonesia at 2019 World Mermaid Championship in China, as part of International Tourism Industry Expo (CITIE) hosted by Guangdong Culture and Tourism Department from August 30th to September 1st, 2019.

Deva explained that she will compete with the other participant from China, the United Kingdom, Russia, and more than 20 other countries from around the world. The judging will be based on costume, theme, and the choreography on the water.

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“The judging also will be based on our movement under the water that accordingly to the music and concept we pick. For that I’m planning to use a mermaid costume with the concept of Balinese dress with the story of Balinese Sea Gods or Goddess,” she explained on Thursday.

Deva admitted that becoming the champion is not her main priority at the time. For her, spreading the existence of Mermaid in Indonesia, as both sport and career is more important.

As a mermaid that represent ocean conservation in Bali, she also motivates a movement of ocean conservation as she wants to raise awareness to others, especially a young generation of how important the ocean for our planet.

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Deva Harris is a dancer since the age of four. Her mastery of dance has evolved from traditional to modern to fusion and now dancing underwater as a mermaid. Deva joined Orange Production 16 years ago and it helped to boost her career as a dancer and since then became an accomplished director, show conceptualizes and costume designer.

She started Mermaid Deva in 2017, and not only makes mermaid tails but also provides groom mermaid talent by providing mermaid course as well.


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