Wayan Koster (left) and Mangku Pastika. (Img: Humas Pemprov Bali)
Wayan Koster (left) and Mangku Pastika. (Img: Humas Pemprov Bali)
Wayan Koster (left) and Mangku Pastika. (Img: Humas Pemprov Bali)
Wayan Koster (left) and Made Mangku Pastika. (Img: Humas Pemprov Bali)

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – The Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika suggests Bali Governor Elect Wayan Koster to focus to accelerate the development of road infrastructure Bedugul-Singaraja shortcut. The input was given by Mangku Pastika on a meeting with Koster, which also attended by the national road agency for Bali and East Java (Balai Besar Pelaksana Jalan Nasional VIII), at the Transitional House on Friday, July 27.

According to Pastika, the shortcut is urgently needed to be realized based on the fact that the track to tourist destination of Bedugul lately is getting crowded, and it causing traffic jam almost every day at the main access to Singaraja.

“It happens almost every day, very tiring and time-consuming if we travel to Singaraja through Bedugul,” Mangku Pastika explained.

Meanwhile, the Head of the National Road Agency VIII for Bali and East Java Ketut Darma Wahana explained that the road in Bali under his agency reaching 629 KM.

For the infrastructure development in Bali, the agency is currently working on some projects. One of the mega-projects is the development of the Ngurah Rai Underpass which is nearing completion. “The progress has reached the target of 88.21 percent and we targeting to finish on August 31,” he said.

In addition to Ngurah Rai Underpass, the agency also began working on the construction of new access road of Singaraja – Mengwitani, reaching 1.9 KM.

“By this new road access, road users will feel more comfortable because the bend on the main access of Bedugul which previously reached 15 points, but after the new road construction it only reaching five points, ” he added.

Darma Wahana also mentioned the current road development plan which is continuously discussed. Namely the 3-4 Bedugul-Singaraja Shortcuts, widening of Jalan Teges – Ubud – Tampak Siring – Istana Presiden, widening of Jalan Jimbaran – Uluwatu, underpass of Simpang Pesanggaran and Gatot Subroto Denpasar, widening of Jalan Klungkung – Ulundanu – Penelokan, Western Ring Road (WRR) Stage III and Yeh Otan’s shortcut.

Of those development plans, Darma continued, the agency gives serious attention to Shortcut 3-4 Bedugul-Singaraja because this development will be a solution for the traffic jam and accelerate the connectivity of South Bali and North Bali.


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