Wayan Koster (left) and Cok Ace. (Doc. IMO)
Wayan Koster (left) and Cok Ace. (Doc. IMO)
Wayan Koster (left) and Cok Ace. (Doc. IMO)
Wayan Koster (left) and Cok Ace. (Doc. IMO)

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – The elected Bali governor based on quick count version Wayan Koster, explained his programs that will be implemented after his inauguration later as Governor of Bali period 2018-2023.

“After the inauguration, I will straight start to work. Within two months before the inauguration, we will start to inventory campaign promises and formulate the vision and mission set forth in the concept of development “One island one management”. In this concept, all regions in Bali becoming priority based on the specificity of their respective regions,” he said on Wednesday.

According to Koster, the development as stated in his campaign’s concept and motto “Nangun Sad Kerthi Loka Bali” is in line with its purpose to protect the island from damage, especially uncontrolled development as a tourist destination.

“Water sources such as rivers, lakes and other potential sources should be a priority to be maintained and utilized for the benefit of the people of Bali,” he explained.

Regarding to the reclamation project of Benoa Bay, Koster said to take care of it. “I am the Governor, if I do not sign, it can not be worked,” he said while adding this is not an arrogant argument or underestimating the issue of reclamation that has been issued through Presidential Regulation No. 51/2012.

Koster also explained the development of infrastructure in the form of ring road access along the island and shortcuts from the South to North Bali will soon be realized. Similarly, new airport development in Buleleng also promised to be finished.

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“After the inauguration, I will also go to Jakarta to take care of the development stages, so that the economic gap between South Bali with North, West and East of Bali can be handled,” he hoped.

In the tourism sector, the elected Vice Governor Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati (Cok Ace), explained to improve tourism regulation in every regions in Bali, so it will be legal umbrella for components and entrepreneurs of the tourism industries.

Meanwhile, President Jokowi through phone line directly congratulated the elected pair of Bali governor and vice, Wayan Koster – Cok Ace for winning Bali gubernatorial race.

On that occasion, Koster respectfully asked the President to help on infrastructure development in Bali. “He’s ready to assist the development of infrastructure in Bali,” said Koster.


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