Viking Sunset Studios.

SANUR, Bali (BPN/PR) – Viking Sunset Studios, a newly built film studio and production company based in the vibrant island of Bali, announced the launch of its IDR 1 Billion VIKING FILM Fund.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to provide vital financial support to multiple Indonesian filmmakers, fostering their creative endeavors and helping them bring their film projects to fruition.

Securing funding for film production has long been a hurdle for emerging filmmakers in Indonesia. Viking Sunset Studios, recognizing this challenge, has committed to offering this special fund, demonstrating its dedication to nurturing local talents and fueling the growth of the Indonesian film industry.

The use of the Viking Sunset Studios’ very own and amazing ARRI Mini LF Hollywood movie camera, coupled with its sound-proof green-screen studio in the Sanur headquarters, will also be offered to select filmmakers.

VikingSunsetStudiosownsandoperatesalargebeachfrontstudiolandinTabanan, where stunning scenes can adapt to the beach, the raging rivers, the rice terraces, the cliffs, a temple, a beach cave, and year-round sunsets.

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Select filmmakers can build exciting backlots against the crashing waves to be inspired by the amazing studio land.

“At Viking Sunset Studios, we believe in the power of Indonesian storytelling and the immense talent within our local film community,” said Bo H. Holmgreen, President & CEO of Viking Sunset Studios. “Through the IDR 1 Billion VIKING FILM Fund, we are excited to help break down financial barriers and provide emerging filmmakers with the necessary resources to transform their creative visions into cinematic masterpieces.”

The VIKING FILM Fund invites Indonesian filmmakers to submit their film pitches for evaluation.

Viking Sunset Studios has assembled a panel of esteemed industry professionals and investors who will meticulously review the submissions, considering factors such as originality, storytelling potential, and commercial viability.

Selected projects will receive prestigious funding, enabling filmmakers to help cover essential production costs and fully realize their creative visions. This financial support together with the use of their professional film-making equipment like ARRI, Leica,

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Sony, and green-screen studio, will unlock new opportunities for filmmakers to create captivating films that resonate with audiences both locally and internationally.

“Our mission is to support Indonesian filmmakers in sharing compelling stories with the world,” added Bo H. Holmgreen, having just returned from the Cannes Film Festival.

“Building the huge Hollywood film studio in Bali, we are committed to nurturing local talent and propelling the Indonesian film industry forward.” The studios submitted a Bali-based documentary to the Cannes Film Festival Short-Corner, and has just submitted another documentary about the Balinese Nyepi celebration to the Venice Film Festival, where Holmgreen goes next for inspiration.

The submission window for film pitches is now open, and interested filmmakers are encouraged to visit Viking Sunset Studios’ website to apply for this incredible opportunity.

Viking Sunset Studios is excited to embark on this journey, partnering with Indonesian filmmakers to foster creativity, elevate storytelling, and contribute to the growth of the local film industry.

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Through the IDR 1 Billion VIKING FILM Fund, Viking Sunset Studios is proud to champion the dreams of multiple Indonesian filmmakers and facilitate the creation of exceptional films.

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