Viking Sunset Studios and Bontika Films Collaborate to Showcase Bali in Upcoming Film
Viking Sunset Studios and Bontika Films Collaborate to Showcase Bali in Upcoming Film "Love and Karma"

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Bontika Films, an upcoming name in Los Angeles’s film industry, and Viking Sunset Studios, ensconced amidst Bali’s natural splendor, announced their groundbreaking collaboration unveiled at the prestigious American Film Market 2023.

This synergistic venture heralds the creation of an exceptional triumph in transformation: “Love and Karma.”

“Love and Karma,” a poignant exploration of Filipino American life intricately woven with the cultural tapestries of San Francisco, California; Cebu in the Philippines, and the exotic charm of Bali, promises an immersive cinematic experience.

Slated for imminent release, this cinematic opus is a testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and innovation.

While most of the movie was shot on location in Los Angeles, much of the story also took place against Bali’s breathtaking vistas, where Viking Sunset Studios finds its home and the film captures the essence of this tropical paradise in exquisite detail.

From sun-drenched beaches and gently swaying palm trees, Bali provides an unparalleled backdrop for this romantic odyssey.

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Over the last several months gorgeous scenes from the studio beach and other fabulous locations around Bali were recorded by Viking Sunset Studios using its top-of-the-line large format ARRI Mini LF camera.

Celeste Friedman, the dynamic CEO of Bontika Films and the inspired force behind “Love and Karma,” exuded with enthusiasm: “This movie is not just a production; it embodies my utmost desire to inspire women to go for it, to love beyond boundaries and find their strength within.“

The collaboration between Viking Sunset Studios and Bontika Films transcends geographical constraints, propelled by cutting-edge technology and a 24-hour work cycle facilitated by the strategic time zone difference between Bali and Los Angeles.

Bo H. Holmgreen, owner and CEO of Viking Sunset Studios, emphasized the seamless efficiency of this international alliance.

This Project benefits from such a 24-hour work cycle, where for example VFX scenes created each day in Bali can quickly be submitted overseas for approval by the producer, reviewing them while the Bali staff is sleeping, and requests fed back for when the work day starts in Bali.

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“Our collaboration with US producers harnesses the best talent and equipment, rendering the filmmaking process not just efficient, but extraordinary. Bali’s natural allure coupled with our state-of-the-art facilities adds unparalleled magic to our cinematic endeavors.”

Following their attendance at the American Film Market, Viking Sunset Studios with their Santa Monica-based VFX partner, BaerFX, and Bontika Films, will participate in the Fil-Am Creative Film Festival November 3 – 5, 2023.

This festival serves as a vibrant platform to celebrate Filipino-American filmmaking prowess and nurture synergy within the dynamic Southeast Asian film industry.

Viking Sunset Studios remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing emerging talent in Asia, starting in Indonesia, a nation brimming with creative brilliance.

“These transformative times in the movie industry spotlight the need to champion emerging talent. Indonesia with almost 300 million people with an average age of 27 years has incredible upcoming fresh talent that we need to nurture and bring to the international scene for global recognition. Our mission is to elevate these voices onto the international stage,” added Bo H. Holmgreen.

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The Studio owns this amazing Bali beachfront backlot resort with headquarters close by with a soundproof green screen Studio and post-production facility, which means it can facilitate efficient film shooting in the most beautiful locations for large movie companies.

“The fact that we make our own movies too and are currently working on an exciting action feature just adds to the fun we all enjoy here on the Island of the Gods. Celebrities and crews coming to film in Bali will enjoy amazing benefits. In addition to the nature and the great talent here, there are fabulous Five Star Hotels, gorgeous beaches, and intriguing temples. We look forward to hosting many movies on our backlot and in our Studios and many wonderful places across Bali,” said Holmgreen.

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