Ubud Chef Competition and Latte Art Competition 2019.

UBUD, Bali (BPN) – The Ubud Hotels Association (UHA) once again held the Ubud Chef Competition and Latte Art Competition which was held on Friday. The annual event raised Plant-Based cuisine as the main theme of the cooking competition and followed by chefs from junior to Chef de Partie (CDP) from tens of hotels in Ubud.

According to the Chairman of UHA I Gede Paskara Karilo, Ubud as one of the world’s best destinations, also famous as one of the best culinary destinations with a variety of international standard restaurants.

Unfortunately, local food especially plant-based cuisine is yet to be famous for tourists both domestic and international.

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“Recently, this trend of plant-based cuisine is increasing in Ubud. That’s why we decided to make this event and it did get quite a lot of responses,” he said.

Related to the Latte Art Competition, the participants were required to make Latte coffee not just with good taste but also with an attractive appearance with three art options, namely flower, leaf, and heart.

Furthermore, Gede Paskara Karilo hopes that every tourism actors, especially in the hotel and restaurant industries, will be able to introduce the value of Balinese tastes to every tourist visiting Bali, especially to Ubud.

The Ubud Chef Competition and the Latte Art Competition were followed by 34 chefs at the CDP level, as well as 32 baristas from UHA members, as a form of developing the existing local potential.

The winner of the Chef Competition was I Wayan Adnyana and I Made Adika Tara from Padma Resort Ubud. While the Latte Art Competition won by I Wayan Agus Setiawan from Alaya Resort Ubud


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