Bali drifter at GWK speed city circuit.

BADUNG, Bali (BPN) – PT Total Oil Indonesia held an event called Nongkrong Bareng Total (hangout with Total) dedicated to the automotive lovers and community in Bali, at the GWK Speed ​​City Circuit, on Saturday. The event which was held for the third time presented various activities involving a number of automotive communities. 

Magdalena Naibaho, Marketing Manager of PT. Total Oil Indonesia explained, the event became a gathering event for the automotive communities, both car, and motorcycle. In addition, it also targets fans of motorsport activities, especially drifting.

 According to data from the Bali Regional Earning Board (Bapenda), in 2017, there were 2.9 million vehicles on the island consisting of 400 thousand cars and 2.5 million motorcycles. While in 2018, the number increase to 3.2 million vehicles.

“We are happy and enthusiastic to be able to hold the Nongkrong Bareng Total event again after successfully held for the last two years. Seeing the growth on the number of vehicles in Bali, which shows a significant increase every year, this means that there is great potential here that made PT Total Oil Indonesia decided to hold this automotive event in Bali,” said Magdalena.

Not just entertainment and games, she continued, this annual event also invited Indonesia Drift Community (IDC), by presenting Drift Camp. So that this event not only attracts automotive enthusiasts but also fans of motorsport.

Drift Camp is a drifting practice that is held routinely twice a year. Drift Camp is a place to exchange knowledge and training for professional drifters, amateurs and those who are just interested in this sport. Thus, the Speed ​​City Circuit at GWK is the right location to practice drifting.

“Drifting is one of the automotive sports that demands high skill from the driver, superior engine performance, but on the other hand, it is very entertaining to the spectator. We really appreciate the IDC initiative which is committed to the development of drifting in Indonesia, by embracing professional drifters to help train drifting enthusiasts and prevent illegal racing on the streets,” Magdalena explained.

This event also invited visitors who want to experience the sensation of drifting by becoming passengers in the Taxi Drifting session, driven by professional and trained drifters. Visitors who are interested in participating in the training can also register on the condition that they use their own vehicle.

In this event, PT Total Oil Indonesia invited various vehicle communities in Bali to join the event. A number of communities such as the Classic Car Community, Ertiga Club Bali, Toyota Club Bali, Scooter Community, Custom Bike Community, and other communities also attended this prestigious automotive event.

“We have collaborated with various communities since a few years ago because we saw the high enthusiasm of community members to improve their vehicle’s performance and comfort in their driving experience,” said Magdalena.



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