Indonesia's First Underwater Theatrical Dining Experience, Varuna

GIANYAR, Bali (BPN) – Taman Safari Bali  announced the highly-anticipated grand opening of “Varuna,” Indonesia’s first underwater theatrical dining experience, set to captivate audiences and diners alike on 20 December 2023.

Varuna is a precursor to the grand unveiling of the Marine Safari Bali in 2024, which promises to further cement Taman Safari Bali’s reputation as a hub for immersive and unforgettable experiences.

Varuna represents a significant milestone in the growth of Taman Safari Bali. This visionary concept has been over a decade in the making, and it signifies a remarkable leap forward in Bali’s entertainment and culinary landscape. 

This Indonesia’s first underwater theatrical dining promises to transport guests into a magical world where culinary artistry meets breathtaking entertainment, all while submerged in a visually stunning aquatic setting. 

The tagline, “A voyage of flavor and fantasy,” encapsulates the essence of this extraordinary dining experience, poised to push the boundaries of both fine dining and artistic performance to new heights. 

Indonesia's First Underwater Theatrical Dining Experience, Varuna

Additionally, Varuna demonstrates a strong dedication to environmental sustainability and the protection of marine life, striving to ensure that its operations are in harmony with the natural world.

At Varuna, guests embark on a sensory odyssey, savoring three-course exquisite cuisine while simultaneously being entranced by an enchanting performance. 

Varuna’s narrative is masterfully portrayed through a captivating blend of papercut animation, puppetry, and dazzling live acts. The stage comes alive with performers adorned in vibrant attire that mirrors the beauty and mystique of the marine world. 

Each scene intricately unfolds the story of Varuna, a young hero on an epic odyssey. Under the guidance of the renowned Technical Advisor Peter Wilson, this epic performance invites the audience to join the young protagonist, as he discovers his royal heritage and summons his inner strength to confront the forces of darkness.

“We are thrilled and honored to finally announce the opening of Varuna, Indonesia’s very first underwater theatrical dining experience,” said Marcel Driessen, General Manager of Taman Safari Bali. 

“We have been fortunate to collaborate with globally recognised individuals known for their exceptional talents, and their artistic contributions to Varuna have truly transformed it into a world-class spectacle that will leave a lasting impression. This is truly a groundbreaking moment for Taman Safari Bali, and we cannot wait to share it with you.”

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