Bali Hotels Association (BHA)

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Embarking on a mission to make a difference in the local community, Bali Hotels Association (BHA) presents its first ever Charity Fundraiser Online Auction, aiming to raise funds for The Annika Linden Centre and Sungai Watch. 

The fundraising auction will run from November 16 until December 7, 2023, offering exclusive stays and incredible experiences for discerning travelers. 

The BHA Charity Fundraiser Online Auction provides an opportunity for bidders to secure extraordinary stays at carefully curated star-rated hotels and resorts in Bali, members of Bali Hotels Association. 

From stunning luxury beachfront properties to tranquil jungle retreats, there is something to suit every traveler’s taste. 

Auction winners will not only indulge in unforgettable experiences, they will also make a significant impact on preserving the natural beauty of Bali and supporting less fortunate communities. 

The funds raised will benefit The Annika Linden Centre, Bali’s first center for excellence in social entrepreneurship, nonprofit, and philanthropy. 

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Home to three exceptional disability organizations – Puspadi Bali, YPK Bali, and DNetwork, the center’s mission is to empower people with disabilities through quality services in assistive technology, rehabilitation, education, and employment. 

Additionally, the auction will support Sungai Watch, an environmental organization dedicated to preventing plastic pollution in the ocean. 

As a registered charity in Indonesia and the United States and a certified One Percent for the Planet Environmental Partner, Sungai Watch aims to raise funds to install more barriers to prevent plastic from entering our precious oceans. 

“We believe in the power of hospitality to create positive change. Our Charity Fundraiser is not just an event; it’s an opportunity for us to come together as a community and make a tangible difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Your participation in this initiative can bring about positive change and create a ripple effect of generosity that extends far beyond our immediate reach,” said Shaun Dünhofen, Director of Community Relations and Charity at Bali Hotels Association. 

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BHA Charity Fundraiser Online Auction will run until December 7, 2023. Guests can visit Bali Hotels Association Charity Fundraiser page to explore the exclusive stays and place their bids.  

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