Two Michelin-Starred Chef Syrco Bakker Set to Unveil Syrco Basè in Ubud

UBUD, Bali (BPN) – The highly acclaimed two-Michelin-starred Chef Syrco Bakker is ready to introduce a new chapter in Bali’s gastronomic landscape with the highly anticipated official opening of Syrco BASÈ in the heart of Ubud on November 30, 2023.

More than just a restaurant, Syrco BASÈ embodies a commitment to conscious living, through their pillars of transparency, nature, and traceability.

Chef Bakker and his skilled team passionately forge equitable partnerships with local farmers, producers, and communities. This dedication ensures that each dish not only delights the palate but also positively impacts the Balinese community and environment.

Syrco BASÈ offers diverse dining experiences, fully immersing guests in the artistry of culinary excellence. The intimate dining affair at Syrco BASÈ Ku, the exclusive Chef’s Table, accommodates a limited fourteen guests.

Here, each meticulously crafted dish and pairing contributes to a broader narrative of flavors and seasonal exploration. A laid-back lounge invites guests to indulge in aperitifs, a diverse wine selection, and mixology. Meanwhile, The Bar at Syrco BASÈ takes center stage on the first floor, hosting up to twenty guests.

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A central bar and live kitchen create a mesmerizing theater of flavors and artistry where mixologists and chefs collaborate to redefine the concept of culinary experiences.

Lastly, The Shop at Syrco BASÈ pays homage to esteemed partners, highlighting their work and celebrating the culinary platform’s diverse collaborations with local communities.

Chef Syrco Bakker explains, “At the heart of Syrco BASÈ, we are cultivating a harmonious synergy among local farmers, suppliers, our Indonesian team, and international chefs. This cross-cultural collaboration not only defines our culinary landscape but also nurtures a dynamic learning environment for everyone involved. Together, we are creating a culinary experience that transcends borders and celebrates the artistry of shared expertise”.

Guests at Syrco BASÈ can anticipate a dining experience that goes beyond extraordinary flavors. The culinary platform celebrates local partnerships while upholding its commitment to transparency, nature, and traceability.

Each mouthful at Syrco BASÈ narrates a story of commitment to a sustainable and socially responsible culinary journey.

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