Strong by Zumba master class with Umar and Ai Lee Syarief in Denpasar on Thursday.
Strong by Zumba master class with Umar and Ai Lee Syarief in Denpasar on Thursday.
Strong by Zumba master class with Umar and Ai Lee Syarief in Denpasar on Thursday.
Strong by Zumba master class with Umar and Ai Lee Syarief in Denpasar on Thursday.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Tens of fitness enthusiasts gathered at De Gym, Denpasar, for a rare and exclusive opportunity to follow the master class of STRONG by Zumba led by Umar and Ai Lee Syarief on Thursday, July 19. STRONG by Zumba is the latest training innovation that combines weight-loss exercise, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric synchronized with original music selected.

The different from the usual Zumba Fitness which is known as an exercise that combines Latin music and dance, STRONG by Zumba is created to meet the demand of fitness enthusiasts who need more fitness-oriented and higher-intensity non-dance exercises.

Umar Syarief who also one of Indonesia’s Karate legends is the influential figure in advancing STRONG by Zumba. As a Master Trainer, Umar develops new movements, travels around the globe to introduce STRONG by Zumba and train new instructors.

Umar joined his wife Ai Lee, Switzerland –born and former martial arts athlete, who has obtained Zumba teaching license in 2010 and earned her Zumba Education Specialist (ZESTM) in 2012. Thanks to her background as athlete, she is involved in an important role as the creator of STRONG by Zumba.

Umar was impressed with the new concept of STRONG by Zumba interested in engaging and advising to give new and different movements on STRONG by Zumba, based on his training experience as an athlete.

Umar (left) and Ai Lee Syarief.
Umar (left) and Ai Lee Syarief.

“STRONG by Zumba is a high-intensity group exercise that combines weight-loss exercises, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric that are perfectly synchronized with music. STRONG by Zumba uses movements found in HIIT (High Intensity-Interval Training), martial arts, functional or cardio exercises that are still related to my career background as an athlete,” Umar Syarief explained.

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He also added that STRONG by Zumba can be done by both male and female who want to lose weight and want to have perfect muscle. Umar also suggested all athletes or former athletes to try STRONG by Zumba because this exercise can help them maintain their body condition and endurance.

“I have been doing Karate all my life, and after retiring I want to do something new but still related to my passion, an active and healthy life. One of our responsibilities as athlete is to inspire others, and I find the same passion in STRONG by Zumba,” Umar said.

While Ai Lee Syarief, as Lead Support STRONG by Zumba explained that, one hour of STRONG by Zumba can stimulate the burning of large amounts of calories thanks to different intervals and intensity levels.
Not only to maintain your body condition and lose weight, STRONG by Zumba can also be a promising career as an instructor or commonly referred as member of SYNC.

“STRONG by Zumba is growing rapidly in Indonesia and I’m sure that many sports studios already provide the classes. Therefore, being an instructor can reassure the career for everyone. Especially for former athletes like my wife and myself, this is one way to expand your career in sports,” Umar Syarief said.


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