I Ketut Mardjana

BANGLI, Bali (BPN) – Chairman of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) of Bangli Regency Dr. I Ketut Mardjana highlighted the development of tourism in Bangli regency which is quite slow. According to him, tourism in Bangli has the potential to develop more rapidly and sustain the welfare of its people.

This was stated by I Ketut Mardjana while attending a discussion at DIPA Bangli #4, which was held by DPK Peradah Indonesia (Hindu Youth Organization) of Bangli, on Saturday.

In the discussion, I Ketut Mardjana who is also the owner of Toya Devasya Resort revealed various tourism problems in Bangli.

According to the former Director of PT Pos Indonesia, the number of tourists visits in Bangli is still far from the target, which means that tourism development planning has not been followed by actions that are well implemented.

“If only the regional government cooperates with components in the community in developing tourism, it would be far greater (tourist visits). At the moment I still see a gap, and stakeholders are not directly involved in developing tourism,” he explained.

Another problem, he continued, is that there is no equitable development of tourism throughout Bangli, and is still concentrated in the Kintamani area. Whereas other regions in Bangli also have tourism potential.

Mardjana pointed out in East Bangli there are bamboo handicrafts, dulang (large platter), waterfall and other natural attractions that have great tourism potential. 

“Likewise the western regions with extraordinary carvings and nature. While in West Kintamani there is coffee and agriculture. While East Kintamani has the first Geopark in Indonesia with its beautiful nature, also has not been developed more rapidly,” he explained.

As the solution, Ketut Mardjana explained that there must be support for the tourism potential. According to him, if Art Market can be built in Bangli, it would certainly attract more tourists.

“So development should be sorted out. This is called the economic zone. The potentials in Bangli must be well-identified. And the most important thing is the awareness of the local government to develop infrastructure that supports tourism,” he said.

Among the important infrastructures that must be developed in Bangli, Mardjana said the priority should be the development of internet and communication networks, to support digital marketing, then accessibility such as roads must be available.

Mardjana who received recognition as one of the best entrepreneur maestros in Indonesia said, the development of internet networks became the most important issue in sustaining the development of tourism in Bangli.

“This is related to how to market tourist attractions in Bangli better. Especially in the age of industry 4.0, making the internet cannot be ignored,” he explained.

Regarding the budget, Ketut Mardjana said that this is where the expertise of a region’s leader is needed. 

“We should promote and lobby the central government because the budget is important to attract more tourists to visit. Besides, we should also attract investment, because the budget is not only from the government but also from the private sector. This will go on to something bigger because once development occurs it will increase the level of tourist visits. Now this will be the key to people’s welfare,” he concluded.



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