Gde Pitana explained Indonesia's tourism on the grand opening of Starbucks Dewata Bali.
Gde Pitana explained Indonesia's tourism on the grand opening of Starbucks Dewata Bali.
Gde Pitana explained Indonesia's tourism on the grand opening of Starbucks Dewata Bali.
Gde Pitana explained Indonesia’s tourism on the grand opening of Starbucks Dewata Bali.

BADUNG, Bali (BPN) – Indonesian tourism grew 12 percent with 14 million tourists visiting the country in 2018, which even a bigger number than the world’s growth in tourism. To maintain this achievement, culinary tourism should be one of the points that must continue to be developed to create advance tourism.

This was stated by I Gde Pitana, the Tourism Ministry’s First Deputy of Marketing Development.

“Attraction, amenity, accessibility and culinary are the points for advance tourism. The existence of culinary in tourist destinations is a must and now even coffee also becoming a destination,” he said at the opening of Starbucks Dewata Bali, in Kuta on Saturday.

Currently, Gde Pitana continued, coffee has become a lifestyle and has become a part of work and leisure in the world.

For this reason, he hopes that Starbucks will be able to promote Indonesian tourism, considering the coffee shop is one of the most powerful brands in the world. Especially considering that currently in Indonesia, Starbucks already has 270 outlets throughout Indonesia spreading across 25 cities, including 25 airports.

“We are also negotiating with Starbucks to be able to use their outlets around the world as a promotional campaign for Wonderful Indonesia,” he said.

The opening of the latest Starbucks store itself was attended also by the Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Minister, the Communications and Information Minister and the Tourism Ministry and Starbucks officials.

This is not surprising considering the latest outlet located in Jalan Sunset Road, Seminyak, Kuta, is the largest outlet in Southeast Asia.

“The Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary amplifies our passion for the coffee journey, our ongoing commitment to Indonesia’s rich coffee culture, and our tireless pursuit of fostering moments of connection between our partners and customers,” said Kevin Johnson, CEO Starbucks Coffee Company.

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The coffee sanctuary, beautifully highlights local craftsmanship and culture alongside premium coffee in this one-of-a-kind coffee experience, a sort of “origin-centered version” of the Roasteries, igniting all five senses.

“Bali has an envied reputation as one of Asia’s top travel destinations and Indonesia is one of coffee’s most extraordinary coffee origin regions, so we’re excited to invite customers here to ignite their senses and explore the seed-to-cup coffee journey at this unique Coffee Sanctuary,” said Anthony Cottan, Managing Director Starbucks Indonesia, PT Sari Coffee Indonesia Limited.

But the excitement of the grand opening received slight disturbance as the building ceiling collapsed following heavy rain in Kuta at the time.  Part of the ceiling at the entrance was falling due to the leak on the roof, causing the rain water dropped to the ceiling and could not hold the water load. The ceiling collapsed right to the event organizer staffs, fortunately no one was seriously injured.


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