DIPA Bangli #4

BANGLI, Bali (BPN) – DPK Peradah Indonesia (Hindu Youth Organization) of Bangli held a joint discussion called DIPA Bangli #4 for the fourth time, in series with the celebration of the 2019 Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge), at the Indonesian Hindu Religious Council (PHDI) office on Saturday. Around 250 youths in Bangli attended the event and opened themselves to change and be active to bring Bangli into a better direction.


Together with various youth organizations in Bangli, DIPA Bangli # 4 was filled with discussions with the theme “Youth, Tourism and Creative Economy”, with speakers including I Ketut Mardjana as Chairman of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) of Bangli Regency, Ni Luh Putu Ary Pertami Djelantik, a famous businesswomen whose products have gone global, and I Gede Gita Purnama, a Balinese Literature academic and lecturer at Udayana University.


In the discussion, I Ketut Mardjana who is also the owner of Toya Devasya Resort explained various tourism problems in Bangli.


According to Ketut Mardjana, the number of tourist visits to Bangli is still far from the target, which means that tourism development planning has not been followed by steps that are well implemented.

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 “If only the local government cooperates with the community in developing tourism, it would be far greater (tourist achievement). At the moment I still see a gap, that stakeholders are not directly involved in developing tourism,” he explained.


Ketut Mardjana also explained the importance of supporting tourism potentials. According to him, if only Bangli had Art Market, it certainly will attract more tourists.


“So the development should be sorted out. That is called the economic zone. Every potential in Bangli must be well-identified. And the most important thing is how the awareness of the local government can encourage the development of infrastructure that supports tourism,” he explained.


DIPA Bangli #4

The development of internet and communication networks, he continued, must be better to support digital marketing, then accessibility such as roads.


While related to the budget, the former Director of PT Pos Indonesia said that it depends on the expertise of the region’s leader.


Following the discussion held by DPK Peradah Indonesia Bangli, I Ketut Mardjana appreciated it as a successful event because this can be a means for young people to talk and express their concerns towards Bangli Regency.


While Ni Luh Putu Ary Pertami Djelantik said, Bangli youth must be creative and be the spearhead in exploring the potential in their village. Ni Luh Djelantik pointed out, youth can start by utilizing empty rooms at home for tourism. The room can be rented out to tourists, then can be added with interesting programs such as teaching tourists to make canang (Balinese Hindu offering).


“So you can start from the small ones first and maximize technology like cellphones. Besides that, you have to be disciplined when studying and socializing. And last but not least, add your skills to the language, computers, and others,” she said.


At the end of the discussion, the Bangli-born woman advised the youth of Bangli to actively take part in the regency’s development.


“Wherever you will go, just don’t forget to go home to your villages, and build Bali from Bangli. Mbok Ni Luh is ready to accompany you,” she said.


DIPA Bangli #4

I Putu Edi Suastawan, as the Head Committee of DIPA Bangli #4 said that this activity was also filled with the awarding of Pawakānugraha to I Dewa Agung Ayu Alamanda Diastari, for his achievements as the National Flag Hoisting Team (Paskibraka) during the Indonesian Independence Day ceremony at the State Palace on 17 August 2019.


Edi explained, the celebration of the nation’s Youth Pledge 2019 by Bangli youth also filled with environmental movement that freeing Lake Batur from plastic trash. “This is a continuous movement that we have carried out since last August,” he explained.


Another major program at DIPA Bangli # 4 is the launch of the poetry anthology book titled “Puspanjali”.


According to the Chairman of the DPK Peradah Indonesia Bangli I Ketut Eriadi Ariana, Puspanjali’s poetry anthology book became a means for Bangli youths to rise up and voice their anxiety and desire to change and bring Bangli into a better direction.


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