Nazi Hitler, one of the news menus presented by Mie Kober Bedugul.
Nazi Hitler, one of the news menus presented by Mie Kober Bedugul.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – After successfully introducing the spiciest noodles on the island namely Mie Setan (satan noodle) and Mie Iblis (devil noodle) which both referring to the spicy level, Mie Kober Bedugul restaurant on this September 2019, presents a number of new menus, such as Nazi Hitler, dim sum, Mie Angel, Sushi, and Kober Frappe.

As the pioneer of Mie Kober franchises in Bali, the variants of food and beverage menus are also priced at the very affordable prices. The restaurant located at Jalan Bedugul, Denpasar.

For the Nazi Hitler menu, it looks like usual fried rice with chili level accordingly to consumer’s tastes or request. But, it is specially cooked with the addition of peas, fried onions, eggs, and leeks. Customer can order this menu in three different sizes; Small (S) uses five chilies, Medium (M) uses 10 chilies, and Large (L) which has the super spicy sensation with 15 chilies.

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Mie Kober Bedugul also introducing its new display, designed with two floors to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for a capacity of up to 150 people.

This is intended to appreciate and indulge its heterogeneous, universal and millennial consumers, ranging from children, adolescents, adults to parents. As well as to complement culinary attractions around the city of Denpasar.

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According to Joy, the restaurant’s Supervisor, in addition to providing a spacious and comfortable hangout place, and supported by dozens of reliable staffs, visitors are guaranteed to feel comfortable, and satisfied while in Mie Kober Bedugul.

The Kober Frappes
The Kober Frappes.

“Now, we also have a Coffee Bar on the second floor. Besides, our bartenders are now ready to create Kober Frappe, such as Red Velvet, Avocado Frappe, Mocca Frappe, Taro Frappe, Greentea Frappe, Ice Chocolate, hazelnut frappe, Irish frappe, and more,” he said.



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