Canvas Escape Ubud villa.
Canvas Escape Ubud villa.
Fresh, green and relaxing atmosphere at Canvas Escape Ubud villa.
Fresh, green and relaxing atmosphere at Canvas Escape Ubud villa.

UBUD, Bali (BPN) – If you are currently in Bali and are looking to free yourself just for a day or two to refresh yourself, Ubud might be one of the best options on the island. And where should you go to run away from your daily saturation? Try this; Canvas Escape Ubud villa.


Simple reason, this villa is exceptionally calm, pleasant, artistic, and surrounded by green atmosphere.

Once you reach the Canvas Escape Ubud which located on Jalan A.A Gede Rai No. 21 Lodtunduh, Ubud, you will immediately welcomed by friendly staffs and if you feel quite tired on your trip to Ubud, don’t worry because after checking in, you get a free welcome massage while enjoying the fresh welcome drink.

As soon as you enter the room, you can feel the artistic yet relaxing nuance inside. The serene, the painting, the plants, will make you feel refresh, all these are completed with exquisite amenities to help you relax and rejuvenate.

Another unique things you can find here is when you have your breakfast or dinner, where the table is set up next to the swimming pool and all food and drinks are cooked and prepared on a recycled VW classic with the concept of a food truck.

Both local and western foods are available on either breakfast or dinner. While having your delicious meal, you can hear and feel the breeze of the surrounding green environment which brings a whole new experience of enjoying a vacation.

Deluxe Room with contemporary "Joglo" style at Canvas Escape Ubud.
Deluxe Room with contemporary “Joglo” style at Canvas Escape Ubud.

Canvas Escape Ubud has six quite large rooms in four types, including two Deluxe Villas which are contemporary Joglo type rooms with living room, balcony and semi-open bathroom.

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Then there are two Superior Villa type rooms with balcony, lounge chairs, partially open-air bathroom and beautiful garden views. In addition there is One Bedroom Suite with one separate living room and Premier Suite with a relaxing area and balcony.

In terms of name, canvas, this is more about the concept of the villa which mostly features art, so don’t be surprised if in some rooms you will find canvas and painting tools such as brushes and ink.

All rooms at Canvas Escape Ubud represent the beauty of art and nature of Bali. Somehow, staying in this villa makes you feel like you’re not on vacation, but more like at home.

Semi-open bathroom at Canvas Escape Ubud.
Semi-open bathroom at Canvas Escape Ubud.

Moreover, this villa is also equipped with various classy facilities such as spa, swimming pool, and also some spots to take picture for your Facebook or Instagram account.

No wonder that Canvas Escape Ubud is perfect for a private vacation with friends, colleagues and family for a fun and different pleasure.

If you are wondering how good is this villa, you can place a reservation on its official website at and you can get special discount by using the following code; BPN18.



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