Tourism Ministry Launches Temporary Logo

JAKARTA (BPN) – Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy/Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Kemenparekraf) intensifies the campaign series of #BersamaJagaIndonesia as an effort to continuously increase the awareness and social care in fighting the COVID-19.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Wishnutama Kusubandio in his statement in Jakarta, Monday said, the current role of the besides minimizing the impacts of the COVID-19 towards the tourism and creative economy sector, also involving the tourism and creative economy people in campaigning the improvement of awareness and social care to protect Indonesia from the COVID-19.

“Those campaigns are under the big umbrella #BersamaJagaIndonesia that involving the tourism and creative economy people by making use of the communication channel owned by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and also involving the tourism and creative economy community,” Wishnutama said as quoted from the ministry’s press releases.

The among released campaigns are meant to persuade the public to postpone the exodus (mudik) through a story that telling a son is calling his mother by phone.

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Wishnutama said that he misses his hometown so much but regrettably postpone it temporarily to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19. The campaign receives a positive response from the public and many tourism and creative economy activists.

So is with the campaign of #JagaRamadanKita. The campaign which is in the form of a 1 minute and 39 seconds video tells the conversation between a father and his daughter through a short message application.

In the conversation, the daughter tells her current activities. She is actively producing the cloth mask for people around her. The video is ended very sweetly which makes people who watch it feels touched. This video is also part of the greeting to enter the holy month of Ramadan.

Besides, the Ministry also cooperates with other parties such as the Indonesian National Television Association (ATVSI) and the Indonesian Private Television Association (ATVSI), to collectively assist the government in socializing the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In this cooperation, the television will broadcast various public service information in which the content of the material is also prepared by the ministry. The material will later be broadcasted periodically every day until the COVID-19 outbreak is declared over by the central government.

“Broadcasting information simultaneously with the same message so that the public is more concerned in minimizing the transmission of the COVID-19 together. High frequency of public service advertisements are considered effective in disseminating the message,” Wishnutama said.

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