Mellow Fellow at Soundrenaline 2019.
Mellow Fellow at Soundrenaline 2019.

BADUNG, Bali (BPN) – In addition to presenting dozens of Indonesian musicians from various genres and generations, Soundrenaline once again invited musicians from several neighboring countries to perform on the magnificent stage of Soundrenaline.

Gym & Swim from Thailand and Mellow Fellow from the Philippines successfully attracted Soundrenaline’s crowds on the first day of the event which took place at Garuda Wisnu Kencana, on Saturday.

Soundrenaline was the first big stage for the two bands that were born from the indie music scene.

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“This is the first time we’ve ever played in a big stage like this. We’re very amazed by the stage, especially we got the chance to perform in A Stage. It’s mind-blowing! We have music festival in Thailand but not as big as Soundrenaline, all different musicians are here. So, awesome!” Chalerm vocalist of Gym & Swim said

While Mellow Fellow who appeared on All Time Stage also expressed their enthusiasm and admiration for the title Soundrenaline.

“What a great experience that we can join Soundrenaline. This is the biggest festival that we ever see even perform! We do have similar music festival in Philippine but there isn’t one that can stay up until 17 years like Soundrenaline. I can say this one becomes one of the biggest music festivals in South East Asia. This event is really inspiring for us because we can meet our new friends from different music scene,” said Ralph Lawrence Reyes or better known by the stage name Mellow Fellow.


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