Musicians, artists and organizers of Soundrenaline 2019 at the Talkshow on Thursday.
Musicians, artists and organizers of Soundrenaline 2019 at the Talkshow on Thursday.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – One of Southeast Asia’s biggest music festivals Soundrenaline, is ready to take off this weekend on September 7-8, 2019, at Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali. Themed “The Spirit of All Time”, the 17th Soundrenaline will present dozens of famous musicians and one of them is Britpop star Suede.


According to Andhika Adiputra, a representative from Level 7 as the festival’s organizer, Soundrenaline 2019 will give more surprises through various creative programs both on the music stage and beyond.


“This year’s Soundrenaline is a celebration of consistency in providing space for musicians and creators from various fields to freely express and continue to inspire,” he said during the Soundrenaline Talkshow in Denpasar on Thursday.



Music curator of Soundrenaline Widi Puradiredja revealed that Soundrenaline is a very special event and an inspiring event for creative people.


“For musicians, Soundrenaline is a dream stage. And we have the opportunity to meet many musicians from different genres and generations. We are maintaining and showing that diversity this year,” Widi explained.


Related to the idea of inviting Suede, Widi explained Suede is the right musician or band to reflect that timeless theme in Soundrenaline 2019. “Suede has that timeless spirit and is still active and their music is still remembered today. Besides, their music can also be enjoyed by various listeners from different genres,” Widi explained.


As in previous years, Soundrenaline 2019 will also involve Balinese musicians. More than 50 musicians and artists from Bali to welcome music and art lovers at SAYAK area this weekend, some of local famous musicians or bands that will perform are Navicula, The Hydrant, Parau, The Dissland, and Bali Project.


While Putu Hendra Brawijaya Putra or Saylow, leader of the Bali Project, will bring 17 percussionists and dancers as well as 30 Adi Merdangga or gamelan (traditional music instruments) musicians.


“The theme of our performance is Kalatattwa or The Time, which expresses a power that grows and survives against age. The story of Kalatattwa will be performed through a collaboration of cross-community in Bali,” Saylow explained.



Soundrenaline 2019 will use four stages, namely A Stage, Celebration Stage, Creators Stage, and All Time Stage that artistically designed in collaboration with renowned creators such as Isha Hening, I Made Aswino Aji, DGTMB by Eko Nugroho, Silakarang Art Crew, Uvisual, Fluxcup, and others.


In addition to music concerts, various programs ranging from workshops, marketplaces, live cooking demos from musicians, to rap battles, are expected to provide a memorable and unforgettable festival experience for visitors.


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