Bali Scholarship Exhibition (BASE) 2018.
Bali Scholarship Exhibition (BASE) 2018.
Bali Scholarship Exhibition (BASE) 2018.
Bali Scholarship Expo (BASE) 2018.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Matagaruda Bali, a community of scholarship grantees of Endowment Fund of Education (LPDP) of Bali held a scholarship exhibition called Bali Scholarship Expo (BASE) 2018 on Tuesday, June 5, at Udayana University, which was attended by hundreds of scholarship seekers.

In addition to introducing various abroad scholarships available to Indonesian people, BASE 2018 also provides information and motivation on the importance of higher education and as a place for scholarship and higher education consultancy.

“There will be a day when this country no longer sends its best people to study abroad. One day, they (other countries) will study to our country,” said Ida Bagus Mandhara Brasika as Chairman of Matagaruda Bali, related to the importance of higher education and the better quality of education in the country.

LPDP’s largest scholarship scheme in Indonesia was filled with various activities ranging from educational exhibitions and scholarships which also involving USAID, Fulbright, British Council, Chevening, Campus France, AAS, TEC, Japan Counsulate, and Japan Alumni (Persada).

BASE 2018 also discussed the issue of women’s empowerment related to the misconceptions in higher education, especially for women. Ratna Prabandari, Head of LPDP Scholarship Services Division explained that many people think that women do not need to have higher education because later on, they will only stay at home taking care of their children.

“In fact, the education of every individual actually begins at home. That’s why women should be motivated to take higher education,” she said.

This year is the second time Matagaruda Bali held BASE after successfully held in 2016. It is hoped that this event will be useful for students, undergraduates, lecturers, and professionals who have the desire to pursue higher education so that in the future they can take part in improving their region and the nation.