Fashion Hotel Legian.
Image by Fashion Hotel Legian
Fashion Hotel Legian.
Image by Fashion Hotel Legian

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – In the hustle and bustle of the Legian street, Fashion Hotel Legian offers many exciting promotions in welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, one of the promotions is “Serambi Ramadan” which can be enjoyed with friends, relatives and family.

Serambi Ramadan consists of Ramadan Takjil and Ramadan Buffet Dinner, where guests will be treated to an exciting archipelago dishes like Chicken Croquette, Pisang Goreng, Lumpia, Tempe Mendoan, Tahu Isi, Pandan Agar-agar, Bubur Injin, Bubur Kacang Ijo, and Es Campur and other delicious local dishes.

While Ramadan Buffet Dinner is served where guests can enjoy all the typical Indonesian menu such as Soto Ayam, Nasi Goreng Ayam, Mie Goreng, Kari Ikan, Ayam Goreng Balado and Cap Cay. For additional, you will get free Takjil that has been prepared by culinary team of Fashion Hotel Legian.

All-you-can-eat Ramadhan Takjil Promo can be enjoyed during month of Ramadhan at White Diamond Restaurant on 17 May to 14 June 2018 from  6.20 p.m to 6.50 p.m, Ramadhan Buffet Dinner promo can be enjoyed from 07.00 p.m until 09.00 p.m, where guests also get free flow ice tea and mineral water.

Fashion Hotel Legian Pool.
Fashion Hotel Legian Pool (Img: Fashion Hotel Legian)

For Brunch lovers who love to try the weekend brunch all over Bali but looking for something good, stylish and affordable, White Diamond Restaurant at Fashion Hotel Legian could be a good option. Located in the heart of trendy Legian nearby Kuta Beach and Kuta Shopping Area, this stylish 3-star hotel has new Sunday Brunch promotion that is worth to try, starts from 11AM until 2PM.

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A cozy 50-seater restaurant featuring vibrant yet classic combination of white and gold overlooking the blue water pool, White Diamond Restaurant offers warm, intimate and comfortable ambiance for every guest. Take a seat by the pool or inside the restaurant, guest can savor the all-you-can-eat International dishes and relax in the pool at the hot sunny day.



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