The launching of Tiga GUnung Festival in Kuta on Wednesday.
The launching of Tiga Gunung Festival in Kuta on Wednesday.
The launching of Tiga GUnung Festival in Kuta on Wednesday.
The launching of Festival Tiga Gunung in Kuta on Wednesday.

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – Lembata administration of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) will hold Festival Tiga Gunung or the Three Mountains Festival on August 26-31, to promote and introduce the region’s tourism attraction. The early launching of the event took place at Lippo Mall Kuta, Bali on Wednesday, targeting to attract international travelers in Bali.

The festival will highlights the stunning views of three mountains namely Ile Lewotolok, Ile Batutara, and Ile Werung and will be enlivened with cultural arts.

Lembata Regent Eliaser Yentji Sunur said the launching took place in Bali because Bali is the gate of international tourist to Indonesia and a strategic entrance to introduce tourism potential of other regions throughout the country to foreign tourists.

“We are hoping this festival can improve the quality of tourism and bring more tourists to Lembata,” he said.

Eliaser Yentji Sunur explained, the three mountains are the icons of tourism in Lembata which are quite legendary and have their own uniqueness as tourism objects.

Ile Batutara Mountain is known for its eruption which can be seen in every 20 minutes. Tourists can see the eruption process only from 20 to 50 meters away.

Mount Lewotolok is famous for its scenery on the top and the crater is so wide that people even can play football on the top of a mountain. While Mount Ile Werung is known for its beautiful and stunning underwater scenery.

Besides the Three Mountains Festival, another attraction for traveler at Lembata Island is the whale hunting procession. “We are not selling the whale, but the tradition and the process. This ritual is now getting famous and becoming the icon of Lembata,” the regent said.

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In addition there are various art and cultural attractions that have been going on for generations. Lembata also has a number of destinations with stunning natural scenery. Australian is among the highest number of travelers visiting Lembata for its beautiful and challenging surf spots.

Yentji said that the number of tourist visiting Lembata continues to increase. In 2018 the number of international traveler to Lembata already reached 10 thousand travelers. The target is to reach 20 thousand international travelers by 2020.

Meanwhile the Head of the NTT Tourism and Creative Economy Office I Wayan Darmawa said, the access to Lembata is well-connected and it takes only an hour from Bali.