One of the artworks displayed at
One of the artworks displayed at "Teratai Salju" exhibition.
One of the artworks displayed at "Teratai Salju" exhibition.
One of the artworks displayed at “Teratai Salju” exhibition.

UBUD, Bali (BPN) – To commemorate 60 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan, artists from both countries holds art exhibitions, Installation and Performance Art at Art Space Bidadari Mandala, Ubud, which is held from August 4 – 25, 2018. The exhibition is titled “Teratai Salju” (Snow Lotus) displaying collaboration between Japanese and Indonesian artists. At the opening, the elected vice governor of Bali, Tjokkorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati or Cok Ace, showed his appreciation towards the cultural event involving Japanese and Indonesian artists.

“I am very happy with events that involving art and culture artists. This will be a bridge to strengthen the relationship of Indonesia and Japan,” said Cok Ace on Saturday.

Cok Ace hoped the good relations between Japan and Indonesia can affect for the increasing tourist arrivals from Japan to the country, especially to Bali.

At the same occasion, the General Consulate of Japan Hirohisa Chiba said the exhibition themed “Berdoa bagi Perdamaian” (Pray for Peace) is a peaceful expression from Bali for the world, echoed by artists of both nations. This activity will further strengthen the designation of Bali as “The Island of Peace”.

“I am sure this art exchange event is a real exploration of Indonesian and Japanese artists to dig, lift and improve the artistic potential that is owned, as well as to strengthen friendship and mutual understanding between our two nations,” Hirohisa Chiba said.

Meanwhile, according to Made Sudiana, the owner of the Mandala Bidadari, the event is held as a part in celebrating 60 years of Japanese and Indonesian diplomatic relations. Beside, this exhibition also as a form of cultural dialogue and diplomacy between the two countries.

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“I hope that through this exhibition, we can spread vibration of positive energy, so that what we can do will benefits us all,” Made Sudiana said.

Three Japanese artists are involving at the exhibition, namely Kazunobu Yanagi who displays a painting installation, while Yasu Suzuka and Minako Hiromi showcase fine art works.

At the opening of the exhibition, Indonesian versatile artist and singer Trie Utami collaborated with Kazunobu Yanagi who performed an art show that explores the journey of human life through symbols, accompanied by Trie Utami’s beautiful voice.


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