Electric vehicles. Balipicturenews.com

Electric vehicles. Balipicturenews.com

JAKARTA (BPN) – The Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) of Indonesia admitted to focus on accelerating the development of electric vehicles in the country. For that, several strategic steps have been undertaken, including reviewing future policy directions with relevant stakeholders to encourage the production of environmentally friendly low-carbon emission vehicle (LCEV).

“So, if we do not want to be just a user or importer, then there should be an industry here,” said Harjanto, Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation and Electronic Equipment Industry (ILMATE) in Jakarta, on Friday.

Harjanto explained, in the development of electric vehicles, there should be phasing that is run integrated along with the roadmap for the development of automotive industry either in terms of preparing regulation or legal protection, supporting infrastructure, and technology. “In addition, readiness for industrial sustainability, environmental and social impacts,” he added.

Therefore, Kemenperin seeks to synchronize the policy of developing the national motor vehicle accordingly to the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap. “In accordance to the 4.0 industrial revolution, we are pushing the automotive industry to become leading sector for the export of ICE (internal combustion engine) and EV (electric vehicle),” he said.

Harjanto also underlined that the development of electric vehicle infrastructure such as charging station becomes very important. Therefore, Kemenperin encourages the upgrading of component industry, such as producing batteries for electric vehicle. This effort should be conducted through research and development and application of product standardization.

“Battery component industry must also be prepared as a core component in electric car. Kemenperin is preparing battery sharing pilot project for electric motorcycle in several cities, such as Bandung, Denpasar and Yogyakarta for exchangeable battery usage,” he explained.

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Another strategy to encourage the automotive industry in Indonesia to invest in producing electric vehicle, namely through the provision of incentives. Ministry of Industry has proposed to the Ministry of Finance concerning the provision of incentives to the development of the LCEV program, which includes electric vehicle.

“By 2025, we targeting 20 percent of vehicles produced in Indonesia are LCEVs including electric vehicle. This fits the world’s trend. If the demand is high, our target can be more than that,” said Harjanto.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT Toyota Motor Indonesia Manufacturing (TMMIN) Warih Andang Tjahjono said, his side is committed to supporting the government to develop domestic electric car industry.

“We have been gradually preparing production of the main components needed to make electric car, such as batteries, motors and inverters,” he said.

Before proceeding to the mass production stage, Warih continued, thorough consideration should be given to four main pillars, namely supply chain covering all activities of distributing goods to consumers, infrastructure, customer and government regulation.


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