Indonesian Batik.
Indonesian Batik.

JAKARTA (BPN) – Indonesia is now dominating the world market for the batik industry which considered can drive the national economy. This is based on the achievement of batik exported in 2017 that reaching USD58.46 million with major destination countries including Japan, the United States, and Europe.

“The national batik industry is comparative and competitive in the international market. Indonesia is also a market leader controlling the world’s batik market,” said Director General of Small and Medium Industry (IKM) Gati Wibawaningsih in Jakarta, on Thursday.

Gati revealed, the world’s apparel product trading currently reaches USD 442 billion. This could be a great opportunity for the national batik industry to increase its market share, considering batik as one of the raw materials for apparel productss.

“Our batik industry is dominated by the IKM sector spread in 101 centers throughout Indonesia. And the total absorption of workforce reaches 15 thousand people,” she explained.

In order to boost the productivity and competitiveness of the national batik industry, the Ministry of Industry has applied several strategic programs such as improving human resource and product quality development. In addition, the application of standardization, facilitation of machinery and production equipment, as well as promotions and exhibitions both at home and abroad.

One of the activities was the Exhibition of Batik Warisan Budaya XII in collaboration with Yayasan Batik Indonesia (YBI) which was held on May 15-18. This exhibition aimed to promote the works of batik makers in the country, as well as to expand their market.

Some participants displayed their batik that uses natural dyes as an effort to produce environmentally friendly products. “The development of natural dyes also reduces the importation of synthetic dyes,” Gati explained.

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In the midst of increasingly competitive and dynamic global competition, Gati added, customer’s preferences for environmentally friendly products also continue to increase. “So this natural color can answer the challenge and to increase market opportunities,” she said.


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