Liligundi the Auhentic serves balinese foods.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Since the last few years, the existence of typical Balinese culinary ranging from processed foods of rice, snacks, rujak (fruit salad) to traditional drinks has been growing rapidly. The tourism industry, especially restaurants and hotel also continuously introduces this Balinese cultural heritage. Currently, Balinese food is increasingly famous in the tourism industry for both domestic and international tourists.

One of the recommended places to enjoy Balinese food and snacks with authentic flavors is at Liligundi the Authentic. Here, a variety of Balinese foods and traditional snacks or cakes are served in a fairly modern way but in terms of taste are still maintained original by the owner Komang Sri Dewi.

Some of the recommended dishes at Liligundi are a variety of Balinese nasi goreng (fried rice) such as nasi goreng cumi (fried rice with squid), suna cekuh (Balinese original flavor), and chicken fried rice. Besides, there is also a home-cooked noodle, one of the best sellers at the restaurant.

Balinese specialties of snacks and cakes are available with various choices such as laklak (rice flour pancakes), mixed Balinese cakes, Bubuh Sumsum (Rice Porridge), kolak (bananas and potatoes stewed in coconut milk). 

While for the kid’s menu, there are chicken burgers and kiddy sandwiches available. As for the dessert, guest can try es campur (fruit served with shaved ice and syrup), daluman (leaf jelly with coconut milk and palm sugar) to es dawet (iced beverage with rice flour jelly, palm sugar and coconut milk). Liligundi the Authentic also serves coffee, tea, fresh juice, milkshakes, and others.

These halal-labeled Balinese has been the favorites and been in demand not just by locals, but also by domestic tourists and even from foreigners such as Chinese and Australian.

The most important thing is that the prices here are very affordable ranging from IDR 8 thousand to the most expensive IDR35 thousand. 

Besides, Liligundi the Authentic also provides orders in several portions available for 10 to 25 people. The order mostly came from hotels and communities in Bali for birthdays, social gatherings and other events.

Located on Jl Cokroaminoto No. 353 Denpasar, this restaurant opens from 9 AM to 7.30 PM. The place is quite comfortable and spacious, it is suitable for you who want to relax with your family, colleagues and even for social gatherings.



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