Chef Nyoman Suastika was officially inaugurated as Chairman of the Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) of Badung.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Chef Nyoman Suastika was officially inaugurated as Chairman of the Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) of Badung for the period 2020-2022. During his leadership, Chef Nyoman Suastika aims both short and long term visions and missions. One of them is in terms of arts and culture which related to the preservation of local food resources as the main supplier in the tourism industry in Badung regency.

This was stated by Chef Nyoman Suastika after the inauguration at B Hotel Bali & Spa on Tuesday (1/28).

“So far we have used local products as food ingredients. However, we also still use imported products for several considerations. Therefore we will move to participate in empowering local farmers to be able to increase the quality of products so that we can use them fully in the future,” he explained.

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Chef Nyoman Suasika who currently serves as Executive Chef at Bali Dynasty Resort Kuta, also offers full support to Bali Governor Regulation (Pergub) No. 97 of 2018 which limits the use of single-use plastic.

As a person who works in the tourism industry, he feels the concern towards the amount of plastic waste in Bali.

“Therefore, we can also limit plastic use, especially to food suppliers, where we recommend not using disposable plastic wrap but using a small container. For packaging, they can still use plastic material because it is related to cleanliness so that food stays sterile from bacteria,” he said.

Furthermore, Chef Suastika also wants to bring Chefs in the Badung area able to compete with foreign Chefs.

“One of my visions and missions is to improve the quality of Chefs in Badung. One of them is to help Chef Certification so they will be able to compete with foreign Chefs, both in the country or if they decide to work overseas,” he said.

The official inauguration of Chef Nyoman Suastika was also held in line with the Monthly ICA Chapter Bali Gathering. The inauguration was attended by Chef Hendra Mahena (Chairperson of ICA Chapter Bali) and witnessed by Chef Komang Adi Arsana (ICA Vice President) and Chef Ketut Suastika (Member ICA Executive Board).




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