Denpasar COVID-19 handling team picks up four OTGs from Sanur Kauh, on Friday.
Denpasar COVID-19 handling team picks up four OTGs from Sanur Kauh, on Friday.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – The Denpasar COVID-19 handling and prevention team picked up four residents with the status of the suspected case without symptoms (OTG) in Sanur Kauh Village, Denpasar, to be isolated at quarantine site, according to Denpasar’s press release, on Friday.

The OTG status is given based on the tracing that they had close contact history with a confirmed COVID-19 patient in Sanur.

Thie pick up was carried out because, despite their status, the four residents were still going outside and not conducting the self-isolation at home.

I Dewa Gede Rai, the Denpasar City Spokesperson, explained, the negotiation for the pickup was quite difficult because the OTGs at first refused the quarantine. But after a brief explanation, they finally agreed.

“Because they did not obey the self- isolation advisory, then they should be isolated at site prepared by the Denpasar Government, for 14 days, and they also will follow a rapid test,” Dewa Rai said.

Dewa Rai explained the government doesn’t want to take risks that local transmission keep happening in the city.  The team will not hesitate to take decisive steps because local transmission is now a serious concern.

Dewa Indra asserted that if it is necessary, his side will forcefully pick up those with the status OTG, ODP (people under monitoring), or other people who are advised for self-isolation but still wandering around.

“Let’s jointly curb the spread of COVID-19 by following the government advisory and be honest to convey illness and travel history as early anticipation,” he explained.


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