Bar Connections Holds Sustainable Challenge Mixologist Competition 2020.

CANGGU, Bali (BPN) – As an effort to improve the quality of bartender in Bali, Bar Connections held a bartender competition themed Sustainable Challenge Mixologist Competition at the SVA Bali Bar, on Friday. The theme attracted many participants because it is unique and shows concern for the environment on the island.

“The competition was attended by 37 participants from well-known hotels, bars, and restaurants in Bali. Participants are required to make one drink in six minutes and use raw materials that have been prepared by each participant,” said Robhet Rebecca, Founder of Bar Connections Bali.

According to Robhet, the sustainable theme was chosen to take care of the environment in Bali, especially as the bartender is an identical profession with the tourism industry. For example, an orange that can be used as a juice, its pulp for syrup and its skin can be made for candy.

Besides, Robhet continued, this sustainable theme also invited participants to care about the environment of Bali, especially from plastic waste.

“This concept also supports the Bali Governor’s policy on the limitation of plastic use. Therefore the bartender also can take part in protecting Bali’s tourism environment,” he explained.

The event which will be held continuously is expected to produce superior talents that will fill positions in several companies such as hotels, bars or restaurants.

“I hope that through this competition, it can help both beginner and semi-pro bartenders to become new talents in the tourism industry since they already got the achievement, skilled and competent,” said Robhet Rebecca.


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