Miss Internet Bali 2018 by APJII Bali at Park 23 Mall.
Miss Internet Bali 2018 by APJII Bali at Park 23 Mall.
Miss Internet Bali 2018 by APJII Bali at Park 23 Mall.
Miss Internet Bali 2018 by APJII Bali at Park 23 Mall (IMG: exclusive).

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – Ni Luh Putu Diah Desvia Aryana has been crowned as “APJII Bali 2018 Miss Internet” after setting aside dozens of finalists, at the event held at Park-23 Mall, Tuban, on Saturday, August 4. Diah Desvia will represent Bali to compete at the national Miss Internet against winner from other provinces which will be held in Jakarta in mid-October.

“This year’s event is very interesting, because for the first time “Miss Internet APJII Bali” was held in a public area. Previously, of the 40 participants, 20 finalists were selected and managed to pass the audition to the final round, each of them showed their talent and turned out to be an attractive show for our invited guests and hundreds of visitors at the mall,” said Arnold Makasau Rivai, founder of Miss Internet Indonesia on Sunday, August 5.

The main task of Miss Internet, Arnold said, is to campaign for a clean, selective, safe and productive internet surfing movement, reducing the potential for hoaxes and bullying of users, by increasing the spread of positive news, business opportunities, health and fun on the internet.

So far the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) Bali together with “Miss Internet” has been aggressively conducting socialization about the internet to a number of schools, universities, banjars (villages) and various communities in Bali.

“Hopefully in the future more and more Miss Internet ambassadors will be born from Bali, to become an example for the younger generation for a clean, selective, safe and productive internet. We hope that in the future there will be more support from the internet user community, local government, and tourism workers in Bali to make this Miss Internet movement to be a world movement that starts from Bali,” Arnold Makasau Rivai said.

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Meanwhile APJII Bali Chairman Andhy Sabli Tagijara said, as people with IT background, his side felt they were not competent in communicating with the community, schools and other related institutions, that’s why they considered the need for Miss Internet in Bali.

The existence and role of Miss Internet in Bali since 2014 turned out to be very effective as APJII ambassadors in carrying out its programs, including to explain security and cyber crime.

“One of their roles is to explain to the public the importance of healthy internet use, such as for online businesses, SMEs and a number of other positive internet benefits,” said Andhy Sabli Tagijara.


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