Lombok Quake Death Tolls Raise to 436, Economic Losses More Than Rp 5 Trillion

Distribution of logistics for evacuees of Lombok quake. (IMG: exclusive)
Distribution of logistics for evacuees of Lombok quake. (IMG: exclusive)
Distribution of logistics for evacuees of Lombok quake. (IMG: exclusive)
Distribution of logistics for evacuees of Lombok quake. (IMG: exclusive)

LOMBOK, NTB (BPN) – Death tolls of 7-magnitude earthquake in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) and Bali rose to 436, recorded on Monday, August 13. Most of the victims died because of collapsed building during the quake. While the injured recorded as many as 1,353 people, the BNPB (National Disaster Mitigation Agency) announced in a press release on Monday.

“The injured recorded 1,353 people, of which 783 people were seriously injured and 570 people were slightly injured. The most injured victims were in North Lombok as many as 640 people. North Lombok is the most affected area by the earthquake because it is close to the epicenter of the quake,” said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Head of the BNPB Information and Public Relations Center in the press release.

Meanwhile, based on data from the Posko Tanggap Gempa Lombok (Lombok Earthquake Response Post), the number of evacuees was recorded at 352,793 people. Distribution of evacuees are in North Lombok regency 137,182 people, West Lombok 118,818 people, East Lombok 78,368 people, and Mataram City 18,368 people. Most of the evacuees stayed in open space using tents.

Sutopo also explained that the logistics also distributed to all areas affected by the earthquake. The obstacles faced in the distribution were the damaged road access and the lack of transportation for logistic to be distributed to evacuees on the hills.

The number of evacuees reaching 352,793 people.
The number of evacuees reaching 352,793 people.

“Urgent needs to date are tents, blankets, ready-to-eat food,bedding, toilets, clean water, communication networks repairing, lighting or electricity, vehicles for logistics distribution, and basic daily needs,” Sutopo said.

Furthermore, Sutopo also explained that the impact of economic losses due to the earthquake was huge. Temporary calculations from the BNPB Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Deputy, the damage and losses due to the impact of the two earthquakes in NTB, namely 6.4-magnitude on July 29, and 7-magnitude on August 5, reaching more than 5,04 trillion rupiah.

“After all data has been collected later, the amount will be bigger. It needs trillions of rupiah to repair in rehabilitation and reconstruction phases. It takes time to restore the community’s life and economic development in the NTB. The central government will continue to assist the community and the NTB Regional Government,” he explained.

According to Sutopo, currently BNPB is still carrying out data collection and economic calculation of the earthquake impacts. After entering the rehabilitation and reconstruction phases, BNPB together with ministries and institutions and NGOs will rebuild better and safer.

“Lombok is an earthquake-prone area, then the redevelopment must anticipate the earthquake so that when a quake occurs, the victims, damage and losses is less, and the community is safer,” he concluded.


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