Diageo Bar Academy.
Diageo Bar Academy.
Diageo Bar Academy.
Diageo Bar Academy. (IMG: exclusive)

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – DIAGEO introduced Diageo Bar Academy in Indonesia, a program to train bartenders to hone their skills, inspire creativity driven by talent and professionalism. The training began in five cities in Indonesia, started in Surabaya followed by Medan, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and ended in Bali. The training includes basic knowledge and bartending techniques, skills in mixing drinks and information about various types of alcoholic beverages. This training is expected to reach at least 900 bartenders in five cities.

“As the leader of the world’s premium beverage business, Diageo wants to help bartenders around the world to expand the knowledge, theory and good techniques in presenting classy drinks. This commitment is applied through Diageo Bar Academy and invites bartenders including in Indonesia to improve their knowledge,” said Diageo Indonesia Head of Customer Marketing Dicky Sukarmadji.

As one of the tourism destinations in the world, Indonesia has enormous potential. The hotel, restaurant and cafe industry has a very big role in Indonesian tourism, which requiring skilled and professional bartenders and full responsibility in carrying out their profession.

In the last ten years, the role and profession of bartenders has continued to increase and become one of the important jobs in the tourism industry.

Diageo Bar Academy in Indonesia presented guest speakers who will share their experiences as bartenders, namely Arey Barker and Ayip Dzuhri, the winner of Indonesia Diageo World Class 2014 and Diageo World Class 2015, the world’s prestigious bartender competition.

“Knowledge of various types of alcoholic beverages is needed by bartenders and is very important in mixing drinks. In addition to expanding knowledge, we also sharpen bartending skills which are a combination of theory, technique and creativity. I am very optimistic that this academy will help many Indonesian bartenders to improve their skills and professionalism and being a recognized and respected bartender,” Dicky added.

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Diageo Bar Academy will also hold a competition for bartenders to get the best bartender in each city.

“Indonesian consumers, especially those living in big cities, continue to show their appreciation for bartenders who are able to create unique and refreshing cocktails. One of Diageo Bar Academy’s series of events is that we encourage bartenders to imagine the best mixology and make it happen in their signature cocktail. We believe that bartenders in Indonesia are very creative, and really can’t wait to see the best creations,” Dicky said.

During the bartending challenge, bartenders will showcase their creativity, speed, and ability to mix and serve drinks into the challenge of creating the best cocktail and of course with a special presentation. This will be a real test of Bartending’s knowledge, skills and creativity that will be assessed by the panel.



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