Image by Biznet.
Image by Biznet.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – One of the leading internet providers in Indonesia, Biznet, welcomes the Work from Bali (WFB) program launched by the government and is ready to support this program to make Bali a world-class remote working destination while supporting the recovery of the Bali’s tourism.

“With advance infrastructures, we believe that we’ll be able to support the Work from Bali program and contribute to restoring Bali’s tourism,” said Adrianto Sulistyo, Biznet’s Senior Manager Marketing, during a virtual press conference, Thursday.

Adrianto explained that Biznet’s support for the WFB program is shown through the network expansion that is being carried out, where to date, Biznet has 15 branch offices in all regencies in Bali and this is one of the main points in supporting the convenience of working from Bali since it will be easier to serve customers.

Besides, in August 2020, Biznet has also officially opened a Head Office in Bali which is located in Karang Mas Estate Area in Jimbaran.

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“We also continue to build branch offices to make it easier for customers to use Biznet’s services, and to answer customers’ needs for a fast and stable internet connection. Currently, Biznet has 15 operational branch offices, and 5 branch offices under construction,” he explained.

Bagus Wicaksono as Senior Manager East Biznet explained, Biznet also provides an internet network that available in most hotels, resorts, villas, apartments in Bali.

“With Biznet’s WiFi connection, customers can work comfortably from Bali in various hotel facilities, resorts, villas, apartments without concerning problems with the Internet connection,” he explained.

Bagus said that Biznet also provides free hotspots in several public places in Bali such as restaurants, universities, schools, community centers, government offices, tourist attractions, entertainment venues, and hospitals.

The WFB program was officially launched by the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment as a program specifically designed to restore Bali’s tourism due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Through this program, various agencies, both government and private sectors, are expected to allocate budgets in moving the tourism sector through business activities, including through work activities carried out in Bali or with various company activities in various tourist destinations in Bali.

Seeing the current situation where most work activities are done online, since last year Biznet has continued to support Bali to become a world-class remote working destination, which not only offers a comfortable and inspiring work location and atmosphere but also through technology infrastructure, fast and stable Internet connections to support online work activities.

“The Work from Bali program is a bright spot for the revival of Bali’s tourism sector. Biznet surely welcomes and fully supports this program, one of them by carrying out the network expansion process. In addition, of course, we will also cooperate with more hotels, so that those who work online can work comfortably with the support of a fast and stable Internet connection,” said Adi Kusma, President Director of Biznet.

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