Image by Biznet.
Image by Biznet.

JAKARTA (BPN) – Biznet continues to prove its commitment as an integrated digital infrastructure company in Indonesia by presenting the latest technology as well as fast and stable Internet services to support the growing needs of Indonesian people’s digital activities.

It is also proven by Biznet’s Fiber Optic cable that has reached more than 61,000 KM with 1,200,000 Home Passes in more than 160 cities throughout Java, Bali, Bangka, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Flores islands.

Moreover, Biznet will also continue to expand its network to more cities and areas in Indonesia.

“It is undeniable that the pandemic that is still ongoing until this year has impacted the changing of new activity patterns, along with the digital developments. This makes the availability of Internet service access the thing that is most needed by all people. Therefore, we are committing to expand our networks and provide fast and stable Internet service to support the digital growth in Indonesia,” said Adi Kusma, President Director of Biznet.

Currently, all people have to start adapting to the development of digital transformation, so that the availability of Internet network infrastructure becomes very necessary.

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Therefore, Biznet will continue to build networks, not only in big cities but also in small villages/towns so the Internet network can be available in those areas.

The process of expanding Biznet’s network also aims to reduce the digital gap so that there is an equal distribution of Internet access in Indonesia.

And this year, Biznet will also focus on the network expansion process in Medan, Batam, Padang, Samarinda, Balikpapan, Makassar, Manado, Kupang, Labuan Bajo, and several other cities in Java and Sumatra, which is accompanied by the opening of Biznet branch offices in these cities, with a target of around 10,000 KM Fiber Optic and 800,000 Home Passes this year.

Supported by a reliable and modern network, namely The New Biznet Fiber, which offers Internet services with the best performance and a much bigger bandwidth capacity, it is hoped that it will be able to meet the people’s digital needs for Internet connections in the future.

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Certainly, this network expansion is also driven by a significant increase in Internet usage, wherein 2021 Biznet recorded an additional 40 percent of users for Biznet Home services from the residential and apartment segments.

This is due to the changing of new trends and activities, where all activities need an Internet connection.

Recently, the Netflix ISP Speed Index released a list of the fastest Internet broadband for streaming Netflix, where Biznet is the number one with the highest speed of 3,6 Mbps.

Moreover, one of the Internet connection speed testing platforms, Speedtest together with Ookla, also announced the success of Biznet as the fastest fixed broadband Internet provider in 2021.

Biznet’s achievement in 2021 has become Biznet’s motivation in creating new innovations, especially in developing all services to provide the best for the customers.

One of which is where in the beginning of 2022, Biznet Metronet service presents Biznet Managed Wifi, which provides solutions and convenience for business owners to be able to design and manage WiFi connection landing pages according to their needs specifically for cafes, restaurants, and clubs business segments.

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Currently, Biznet Managed Wifi can be used by customers in several cities including Jakarta, Bali, and Surabaya, and will continue to other cities in the future.

Not only provides the latest innovations, but Biznet also presents special promo programs as a form of support in providing added value and benefits to customers who want to register for Biznet services.

“Being a part of the digital technology development process in Indonesia, Biznet will continue to innovate, especially to provide fast and stable Internet services for the people to support various digital activities anywhere and anytime. And on this occasion, on behalf of Biznet, please allow me to sincerely express my deepest gratitude for the trust and loyalty of all parties concerned. This achievement that we have achieved so far would not have happened without the support from all parties,” said Adi.

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