Indigeneous Celebration 2018 press conference.
Indigeneous Celebration 2018 press conference.
Indigeneous Celebration 2018 press conference.
Indigenous Celebration 2018 press conference.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – Bali will have a new event on May 11 – 13 this year, titled Indigenous Celebration 2018. This will be the first ever gathering of indigenous people in Bali, from Indonesia and abroad in a spirit of dance, music, wisdom, education, unity and connection.

The event involves more than 20 different indigenous groups from Indonesia and also other tribes from various countries such as Aboriginal from Australia, Maori from New Zealand and Nagaland tribes people from NE India. In total seven countries are represented and 32 different indigenous groups.

Indigenous dancers, musicians, storytellers, elders and youth leaders will come together to learn from each other, at The Arma Museum & Resort. This will be followed by a two-days cultural educational event at the Green School, May 14 and 15. This is a private event, however schools from all over Bali and Indonesia have been invited.

According to David Metcalf, co-founder of this event, through this celebration, indigenous people can learn and know each other culture.

“I’ve been travelling around the world and have seen relations and similarities of one culture to another. that’s why, indigenous people involved in this event is hoped can learn and get to kNow each other,” he said on a press conference at Warung Kubu Kopi, Denpasar on Monday, 7.

David explained, that most of indigenous people or tribes face the same problem, that is the gap between the elders and the youth in continuing the culture. “The important mission of the event is to unite them in order to taking care of the cultural legacy, because unity is strength,” David said.

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And that’s why Bali is considered as the ideal place to hold this important event because as a sacred island and also the heart of culture in Indonesia.

“Through this event, I hope to combine youth with the “wise ones”, the older generation who hold so much wisdom and knowledge but is often buried away and can be lost forever. We simply cannot let that happen. I am so happy to see more young indigenous leaders rise up with incredible power to build their communities and preserve their culture. This stage is all for them!” he continued.

This event is presented by Ranu Welum Foundation, an organization based in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan or Borneo, which stand for culture, humanity, environment and the rights of indigenous people.

“This is an opportunity to honor our culture which we inherit from our ancestors, and to celebrate our identity as the first people of the land with all the wonderful gifts that we possess. There are seven Dayak groups from different areas of Kalimantan that will come. I am so proud that Dayak people who used to be labeled as ‘jungle people’ or ‘scary headhunters’ now leading the youth indigenous movement to be recognized by this country and an international audience. This is the time to give room for indigenous people to be accepted not only with our beauty but also with our struggles, and to walk together with non indigenous in a spirit of unity and collaboration,” Emmanuel Shinta, a Dayak woman who is the founder of Ranu Welum and also co-founder of the event said.

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As a non-profit event, the money left from the ticket sales and sponsorships will be donated to registered Indonesian Yayasan and charities that preserve the culture and environment of indigenous communities. All schools are also welcome to attend the daily workshops at The Arma and Green School educational session, which is free of charge by arrangement.


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