Bebek Ungkep Rempah Panggang at Rumahan Bistro, Denpasar.
Bebek Ungkep Rempah Panggang at Rumahan Bistro, Denpasar.
Bebek Ungkep Rempah Panggang at Rumahan Bistro, Denpasar.
Bebek Ungkep Rempah Panggang at Rumahan Bistro, Denpasar.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – If you are in Bali and looking for a restaurant with delicious culinary and cozy atmosphere, you can try Rumahan Bistro and Living Creative House at Jalan Teuku Umar, Denpasar. This bistro serves various exciting cuisine of traditional Balinese, Indonesian, Thailand and other international flavors.

One of the signature menus offered is Bebek Ungkep Rempah Panggang. The menu consists of rice, roasted duck, plecing (Balinese vegetable) and soup. This menu has the Balinese Base Genep seasoning.

What makes this menu special is its special cooking process. Bebek Ungkep is processed for four hours in a special crock-pot. This technique makes the duck’s meat very soft and the flavoring seeps into the cooked meat.Served with various types of sambal, one serving of Bebek Ungkep priced at IDR 60 thousand.

Other signature menus that worth a try is Sup Buntut Goreng (fried oxtail) and Acar Kakap (pickled snapper) Rumahan which also will give the special impression.

Sup Buntut Goreng (fried oxtail).
Sup Buntut Goreng (fried oxtail)

Bebek Ungkep is one of the favorite menus here. It is not so spicy, and our customer loves the soft meat and typical Balinese flavoring accompanied with jack-fruit soup, plecing and sambal,” Hendi Prabowo, Director of Operations Rumahan Bistro, said on Saturday.

In addition to serving local cuisine, Rumahan Bistro also offers international food that is not less interesting and delicious. One of them is Thai Pandan Chicken, a typical Thai cuisine.

Thai Pandan Chicken also has an interesting flavor and wrapped in pandanus leaves. To add a distinctive impression of Thailand, this menu is also accompanied with Sauce Bangkok. In one portion, it consists of four Thai Pandan Chickens and sold only for IDR 20 thousand.

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Beverages at Rumahan Bistro.
Unique and fresh Beverages at Rumahan Bistro.

What about the beverages?

Well, it is pretty much unique and interesting variants such as tjin-tjau, made from brown sugar, coconut milk, tea jelly and coffee. There is also Merah Delima, a juice that combines apple juice, tangerine orange and dragon fruit.

For those of you who like the taste of a little sour but freshening, you can try Gulas that combines Javanese asem (tamarind) and diet coke.

As the dessert, you can enjoy chocolate fondant and fruit salad crispy Parmesan.

You can feel the pleasure of Rumahan Bistro not only because of its delicious cuisines but also its cozy atmosphere which also providing free Wi-Fi, smoking area, beer garden and friendly and satisfying service. This place is perfect for you who need a work space, meeting or just to enjoy a cup of coffee.

In addition, Rumahan Bistro also becomes the licensed place to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


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